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If anyone is interested, I heard the other day that from September 6, 2012 to September 19, 2012 Chase is holding their annual event in which people can vote online for one of their 2,500 many nominated charities. Chase has $5 million that they will be divided among the top 196 voted charities. People can vote via online if they have a Chase bank account, or if they have a Facebook account.

The official Chase website links:

Also from this website reference, this is how the donations would be given.

This year Chase's Community Giving Program is targeting smaller charities with annual operating expenses less than $10 million. 2,500 charities were invited to move on to the Charity Acceptance and Voting Period ...
The 196 charities receiving the most votes will split $5 million

This is how the grant funds will be distributed:
$250,00 to the charity receiving the most votes;
$100,00 to the next ten runner’s up charity;
$50,000 to the next thirty five runner’s up Charity
$20,000 to the next fifty runner’s up Charities
$10,000 to the next one-hundred runner’s up Charities

Please note that everyone gets at least TWO VOTES. That means you can vote for two charities (see the Chase website for full details and explanations about how to get an extra third vote). I suggest that anyone who wants to vote should look up their own first-choice, personal smaller charities and see if they are listed.

But if you don't have a favorite charity listed, or have an extra vote you are willing to share, I do ask if you will consider voting for a particular charity that I have in mind. Also I do have one particular local NYC charity that I have already voted for and would like to rank as high as possible. If anyone is interested and willing here, it is a grassroots animal welfare organization who is hoping for the $50,000 tertiary runners up group, but will be happy to get anything in the program.

I will post it as a reply to this post, in case anyone is interested and able.

Thank you!

Lois Carmen D.
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If anyone is interested in giving a vote to the local NYC animal welfare charity that I am supporting, please consider voting for them.

They are a small grassroots animal welfare organization called "Pibbles & More Animal Rescue Inc." They are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They are hoping to be in the tertiary group of next 35 runners up to get the $50,000 donation level though they will deeply appreciate even the lowest level (which is fabulous $10,000). Voting in the final days - last day is September 19 - is expected to be tight and nerve wracking.

For background on the organization, their official website and facebook links.

Note: They have a pop-up now to the Chase Giving program. Apologies for the pop up, but you can ignore it an go to the site to read about the organization.

From a facebook entry this morning:
We have ONLY 4 days left PLEASE vote and share for PMAR!!! we really need all your help!
Our goal is to open a PMAR facility and this money will be a jump start to what has just seemed to be a dream till now. We have come so FAR and we can
can do so much more. We would still have fosters and do home visits but I would love to have a place where we have trainers, a behaviorist, a vet and volunteers. Where we can have open space and acres for our babies to run. A quarantine room A kitty Palace.. Right now its a dream but WE can make it a reality.. I remember when having our own rescue was a dream and LOOK at us NOW. Nothing is impossible we just need ALL our supporters to rally for us. Vote and share We can do this!!!!!!
PLEASE make OUR dram a reality!! XOXO ~Saleena

This brings you directly to the page to view them. This link is all over their facebook page and website, so don't worry if you don't click here.

Thank you for reading this! And extra thanks if you are able to vote for them.

Lois Carmen D.
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If anyone is following this thread, here is the final results of the voting.

It is absolutely wonderful and amazing how much voting can make a difference. Only the top 196 charities out of a pool of 2,500 small budget charities get donations. Awarded donations ranged from $10,000 (the bottom donation) to the first prize of $250,000. Anyone here who has worked with tiny charities know what a massive difference that their smallest prize of even $10,000 can make.

A couple of additional animal welfare charities I heard about only on the second to the last day, "Sanctuary for Haafsville" in PA and a group they work with, "Northampton County SPCA" came in at approx. #194 (only two spots from the last) and #187 (or #188, I am not sure that I counted correctly). Sanctuary barely made it to the recipient list with only two votes. That's two tiny little votes. Two people who care and click.

Just amazing.

Lois Carmen D.
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