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Interesting piece on the large number of abandoned churches being converted into luxury condos -- eye of the needle I guess.

When Colin Bodell moved into a new 3,000-square-foot condo in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood in August, he was looking forward to living with its 30-foot ceilings, polished-marble floors and 20-foot-tall stained-glass windows. One thing he didn't anticipate, however, was people knocking on his front door to ask what time services were or to speak to the pastor.


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They did mention that heating costs can be high which would be a big negative for me. I liked the idea of it, and the look of what they showed, but the high ceilings and large "grandiose" living spaces would be a bear to keep warm. Power bills would be astronomical.

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Intercst, are you wishing you'd made a different choice?

I've seen some old, small Tx country churches and tabernacles re-invented for other uses - hay barns, equipment sheds, etc.

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