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Hello John

I bought CIG back in January at 28, but sold six months later because it wasn't doing anything. Wish I would have held on a little longer. Lesson Learned. It sure seems high right now, but there are not that many cigar stocks out there.

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Agreed that there aren't that many to choose from. I've been watching CIG since it was at 18 to see when I want to short it. Thank God I wasn't that stupid. I would not short it now and wished I went long on it. Question is, where does it go from here. The volume which drove it to 43 was fairly thin (30-50,000 shares per day). There are options on CIG but may look for a break to go long on it.

The real question may be when does the whole cigar fad start to fade out. Let's face it, a few women may put on red lipstick and suck on a stogie a couple times in public to get their boyfriends/husbands hot and bothered. After that I don't see this market being driven by a bunch of new-found cigar smokers. This may be like dry beer, Zima, and chewing tobacco. Cool for a while and then fade out.... how fast will it fade and what would it do to a premium cigar distributor like CIG?

Of course, all of this is IMO.

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