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Hello all,
I thought that I would warn all of you to PLEASE call the Citibank 800 number and check on your next due date. My payment is normally due around the 5th of the month, but when I called to check my balance yesterday, I found out the next payment is due December 30th. They must be trying to get $$$ in before y2k. So do yourselves a favor and make sure that your due date slips past you while you are celebrating the holidays. This is particularly important when you consider how overloaded the USPS is at this time of year.


****who mailed her payment this afternoon. 17 days should be enough to get it posted.
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Thanks for the heads-up!

Just checked my citibank account online, and the due date is January 2, 2000. But that's on a Sunday, smack in the middle of quite a long and strange weekend!

Not to worry, my payment will be sent electronically LONG before then end of the year!

dean <---wishing for a Y2K cc balance of zero!
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I did kind of laugh when I saw my New Year's Eve due date. I suppose that Citibank wants to keep all of the extra employees that they are paying to work over the New Year busy!

If you haven't tried it, you may want to investigate Citibank's electronic payment. I tried it last month and it worked great. Payment was "scheduled" for the due date and it was flawless, free, and only needs to be done at least two business days prior to when you want the payment made. I just called their 800 # and gave it a whirl. No stamp either.

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