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I have 2 accounts with Citicards. AT&T Universal and Citi Platinum Select. Both balances are at 0%. AT&T until 1/2004 Citi until 11/2003. Both of these accounts had constantly been sending be solicitations for $15 checks if I signed up for their credit protector services. (an obvious waste of money) I decided that for $30 I would sign up and cancel them 2 weeks later. I have documentation of when I cancelled and when I recieved a confirmation letter cancelling the service. The AT&T account was canceled, the Citi account was not. I just recieved my Citi Card statement w/ a charge of 36.15 and an interest charge of .50. NOT GOOD. I immediately called them back and had them cancel the credit protecter service and credit my account for 36.15. When I asked to have it also credited for .50 for the interest charges they obviously balked and said that was the reponsibility of Citi Cards. (Mind you they ARE THE SAME COMPANY!!!) They transfered me back to the Citi call center who informed me that this would be the responsibility of the Credit Protector Services. (BIG SUPPRISE THERE). I was at work and did not have time to deal with this.

I called CITI back tonight and spoke w/ a very helpful lady, who informed me that my account had actually been charged for 65.15 (not including interest) and offered to move the entire amount back to 0%.


If you think this type of hassel is worth $15 the feel free to sign up for Citicards credit protector services.
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I have both CitiCards and ATT Univ....and NEVER sign up for ANY 'service'...
When I call C/Service about my account and they even sound like they'll start discussing the fact that I'm eligible for ......I immediately interrupt them to say I am not interested in ANY service you're offering and DO NOT want it added to my account. PLEASE NOTE IT ON MY ACCOUNT THAT NO REWARDS/TRAVEL or CREDIT protection is to be added without customer's written permission. ...Then I mention that if they are not offering to lower my interest rate, then I don't want it .

I'm not interested in any 'possible dollar amount they tempt me with' becuase I know there will be a catch. Even trying to 'time the cancellation may not be effective. As you can tell by your experience.

They are persistent though....they ask every time I call!.
The last time I called ATT to try to get them to lower the APR, they refused and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted there rewards service .!

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Greetings, Nubian, have you ever had the experience of receiving an offer of a lowered interest rate from a telemarketer? I ask in all sincerity - if yes, then I can see where it may pay off to allow your account to be telemarketed. If no, I have found peace by opting out of all telemarketing (and other forms of marketing, in fact) on my credit card accounts. If there is a decent offer available on my account, I have found out about it by calling in AT MY CONVENIENCE and speaking to the CSR about what rates or promotions happen to be available at the present time. This way, any options are not forced upon me by pesky telemarketing and I retain control over who calls me about my accounts and for what purpose.

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Actually you can call Citibank and tell them you want to opt out of all further telemarketing by mail (no more convenience checks) and by phone (no more offers when you call customer service). You can even tell them that you don't want to hear the automatic menu offers. Works pretty well and no need for dramatics.
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thanks for the warning. i'm currently in the 15th day of my credit protector service! yowza! however, my balance is zero (or will be as soon as the payment posts) so no chance of being charged. i'll be calling to cancel real soon. :D

mr burns
happy with his $15 for 'trying' the service
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