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They are apparently being bought out by National Life
and want us to vote proxy for this. I've seen press releases but
does anyone have information on why this is happening and
what it might mean? I've had this strange feeling about Citizens
Funds and may want to sell my holdings. Thoughts? Informatino? TIA

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Very quiet here..

Maybe no one else here has holdings in Citizens Funds?

Or maybe others here are invested in Citizens Funds but like me not sure what to make of this news?
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This board is pretty quiet in general, probably because of the no-longer-quite-so-true assumption that "social investing" simply can't produce the same level of returns mainstream investing can.

I'm here because I'm hoping to find out /how/ to be a social investor. Haven't yet bought into any socially-responsible funds, although I have been trying to invest in individual companies that have pretty good environmental and human rights records....

Ann D.
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You're right. The board has been quiet lately.
It's never been the most lively place on TMF but these last few mos. have been especially quiet.

The info. sheet you linked to says that
1. It's actually the Citizens Funds' manager/adviser that's being sold;
2. The various funds are going to be reorganized and merged or converted into their respective Sentinel Funds counterparts;
3. The sociallyy-focused funds will still be that way.

I'm not familiar with either group of funds.
I think the best thing you can do is research the Sentinel Funds for their holdings and performance, see how you feel about them.

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Thanks for chiming in. Found this:

I am very concerned about the pending takeover of Citizens Funds by Sentinel Funds. My purpose of investing a large portion of my portfolio with Citizens was due to its commitment to make the world a better place for all through Socially Responsible Investment. I was comfortable with the returns knowing there was a greater good involved.

I do not believe Sentinel has this goal as their core investment strategy. It appears they purchased Citizens Funds to offer a new SRI product, rather than to integrate the philosophical approach in their overall corporate approach to social change. Such a perspective is not even mentioned on the Investment Philosophy webpage (see link below).

There will certainly be more of a change than just the name on the statement letterhead. Either Sentinel becomes dedicated to social investing, or my money will find a new home that is truly a vehicle for social change.

(from messages dot finance dot yahoo) pointing to
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I've changed my mind and am now in favor of the merger of Citizens Funds with Sentinel. See:

and click to agree you are a shareholder.

At the beginning, Sophia Collier indicates that part of the reason is her own personal decision to retire, being "51 years old and a 3-year survivor of breast cancer" and her wanting to "Step out of the business world and do something completely different with the second half of my life"

They then have many people from both Sentinel and Citizens Funds give an overview of Sentinel..which does, after all, have a history of some involvement in and caring about the environment and other socially resonsbile issues.

Have a look at the video. Other than lower pro forma fees (does that mean lower actual fees? I'd have to researc that...) I think there are reasons to believe the merger would work out as well or better than Citizens Funds staying at it alone, so my own personal view is to encourage Citizens Funds shareholds to vote for the merger.

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