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No regular employees other than through attrition, that is the latest on the rumors.

The on-again, off-again rumors of layoffs at Microsoft appear to be off again after CNBC reported that the company would not have layoffs ahead of its January earnings report.

CNBC, citing Microsoft sources, said that cuts will be made through attrition and within the ranks of contract employees and not from full-time staff.

Sounds similar to the GOOG "layoffs," e.g. no real news here. We'll see who is right and wrong on the 15th.
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More on the "layoffs."

...It appears, however, that Microsoft will be following the strategies set forth by Cisco Systems [CSCO 17.11 0.15 (+0.88%) ] and Google, instituting cost-cutting measures like travel restrictions and hiring slowdowns or freezes, rather than across-the-board cuts.

In fact, in November, a blog report claimed Google was readying pink slips for 10,000 of its workers. But within days, my colleague David Faber confirmed that the company, which has hired an estimated 15,000 workers over the past three years, would essentially institute a hiring freeze instead, and that a massive layoff at Google was not imminent.

A source did tell me that Microsoft considered a more aggressive strategy, including a significant layoff. Those plans may still be on the table, this source says, but it appears the company will instead reign in costs in other ways...
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