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hi fellow Fools,
there is much speculation about this issue particularly following the latebreaker presentation (LBA28) @ ESMO 2012 in Vienna last weekend (see my earlier post)...

It is obvious that MEK inhibitors are key in many cancer indications and the fact that Roche/Genentech has chosen GDC-0973/XL518 to be used in combination with Zelboraf makes me beginning to wonder.

Be aware that Roche is highly committed to:
1) cancer therapy
2) diagnostics (with a special focus on cancer diagnostics as well)
3) personalized medicine (to make sure that those profiting most of a specific therapeutic intervention will get it)
Points 2) and 3) represent an excellent approach vis à vis Healthcare Authorities and SickFunds!

To me, all these facts give a clear picture of a company eager to strengthen its position in this highly ethical market, in which price pressure is lower than in other broader pharmaceutical areas.
Though timing is key to beast competition (e.g GSK) - but don't be naive - Roche is a strong and smart player and will only execute the best deal.
We do not know what's has been played and what's currently going on behind the curtains...

I am on alert and lurking - do not be overhasty!
My tactics: Waiting for the MTC approval first, be sure Roche will do exactly the same.

fool on, marsuculix,
long EXEL, long CH:ROG
(P.S. as a Swiss and working in the pharmaceutical market, I try to provide some insights on this board as long as this does not compromise any of my mandates...)
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Thank you!
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hi Fools,
yesterday Mike Morissey (Exelixis' president and CEO) gave a presentation at Credit Suisse Healthcare Conference [11/15/2012].
Here his quote highlighting the collaboration of Exelixis with Roche/Genentech:
<< I'll elaborate a little bit more on the economics with our MEK inhibitor in the Roche and Genentech collaboration. Again, this is profit share arrangement on the earnings call last week. We highlighted that in some more detail, so we share on the profits and losses on US actual sales in a multi-tiered basis. The top end is for the first $200 million and that's a 50-50 profit share. The lower bound is 30% above $400 million. So very – I think a very great, a very good profit share in the US. We're entitled to low double digit royalties ex-US net sales and we have the ability to co-promote up to 25% of the US sales force which is then triggered – the option period is triggered for 12 months with the first patient dose in the phase 3 trial. >>

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