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What do you think Price will do now after disgracing himself and the university in the strip bar?
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Well, there's not a big audience here, but I will throw in my $0.02 worth...

First, he should probably get some help about his drinking...he was quoted as saying he was too drunk to remember what he did that night...that involves some serious alcohol intake...and I speak from experience...

Second, he needs to be kissing up to his wife as much as is humanly possible...and hope like hell she doesn't get a lawyer...

Third, he needs to do some serious apologizing to his sons, who he hired for his staff at Alabama and have now been reassigned to "other duties within the athletic department". He seriously jeopardized their careers as well as his, especially the one son who was working for the NY Jets.

After he gets done making things up to his family, he can then focus on getting a new job. I would assert that he should focus on an assistant position within the NFL ranks. This "morality" issue will kill him in college coaching and recruiting for some time...

If that doesn't work out, I hope he had put back some money and invested well before he came to Alabama...He's 57 and that's pretty close to retirement age for most of us regular will probably be tough to find a regular job at his age with only coaching experience...

I wish him well and I hope that things turn around for him...but mostly I feel sorry for all of the other people that he let down with his behavior.
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I'd rather think about what Mike Shula is going to do:)
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