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Well, well, well, the dour matrons of the far left are now protesting... Obama? ... in Pakistan??

American Women Marching into Tribal Pakistan: Obama 'Worse Than Bush'

Alli McCracken, who said she was one of the 24 American women in the contingent, said via an E-mail that Obama is "worse than Bush in some respects; he uses drones significantly more than Bush ever did, allowing him to carry out covert wars all over the world with zero accountability to Congress or the American public."

Obama, according to McCracken, has shown "total disregard for international law" when authorizing these strikes. Asked if Obama had authorized "murder," McCracken said, "Yes, as far as we know - and we know very little, since the drone program in Pakistan is operated by the CIA, and therefore cloaked in secrecy."

The female Code Pink members will be wearing white shawls on the march in the company of the women’s wing of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The only saving grace is that these guys did align themselves with Imran Khan's party, which is marginally less odious than most in Pakistan.

Ah so...
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