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Hey everyone,

I'm still sorting through my sister's financial mess. I ended up just paying all of her "current due" so I wouldn't have to think about it.

That leaves her BK (which is suspended until February), and, to my surprise, 3 accounts that have gone to collections!

They are:

CAMCO for Citibank
10/24/02 letter offering settlement. I don't believe there's been any more correspondence since then, although the letter says their "most generous offer" expires 11/30/02. The offer was to pay $1401.05 on $5,254.26.

Education Debt Services for USDOE
4/30/02 letter requesting payment in full ($5221.01)
7/28/02 letter that they would begin collecting by offset of any Federal payments (although she also owes the IRS, so her tax refunds are long gone before the DOE gets there, I imagine)
10/11/02 letter informing her they're going to start garnishing her wages. New balance $5421.39

General Revenue Corp
11/6/02 letter referencing "Federal Family Education Loan", balance $5450.32, taking over default from USA Servicing Corp.
11/21/02 "DUE DILIGENCE" notice; new balance due $5466.25

I forwarded copies of all of the letters to her BK attorney (who doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed, IMHO), and he said they weren't included in her BK filing. Yikes. He also said that he'd have his secretary send them all "leave Cathy alone" letters, but as they weren't part of the filing, all it might do is buy me a little bit of time.

I have heard many people here (wild, in particular :) say to never contact the collection agencies except to tell them to cease and desist, but unfortunately, I don't know how to track down the original paperwork associated with the loans. The BK attorney told me he thought that the 2 student loans might be the same loan, but I'm not sure who to call to find that out.

- Should I contact USDOE first and foremost?
- Then should I contact Citibank (even though I don't have an account number, I bet they could find her account).
- Does anyone know if USA Servicing Corp might be Sallie Mae? I know they do FFELPs.

I haven't tried calling anyone yet. I thought I'd plumb the depths of wisdom here first. I'm very wary of making a wrong move with these people.

Oh, and my sister has no money. Zero. Not even any change in her wallet. Actually, less than no money because all she has is debt.

I'm hoping she'll be approved for CA SDI within the next couple of weeks, but I don't know how much that's going to be.


I'll try to think about my own financial situation again soon.

thanks everyone

ps She's doing much better, regained nearly 100% physical function. Her cognitive functioning, however, is slower to return. She's being discharged to my house on Friday. But that's a *whole* other story.
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