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Like many analysts, the author makes the mistake of including the debt of Ford Credit and concluding the Company is too debt heavy. A correct analysis looks at the automotive arm separately from Ford Credit.... and analyzes Credit for what it essentially is..... a bank. Separate analysis for a completely separate type of business.

No surprise, Seeking Alpha doesn't make the attempt to ensure that contributors are competent or honorable.

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Couldn't agree with you more, Rob.

This quote also struck me as bizarre:

"At this point in time Ford is still in a rebuilding stage and should be considered a growth stock, with a dividend."

A growth stock? Seriously?

Ford is a very difficult company to value and it definitely has to be valued as a sum of its parts. That's way too complicated for most people. Because of that, they abandon any effort and just roll everything together like this author did. It wasn't worth reading at all.

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