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There are many types of lies, and President 0bama and his Admediastration have told the American people pretty much every one of them. But let’s take a look at the various flavors of lies, because when we do, we’ll see that Bill Clinton is a relative piker when it comes to prevarication.

I’ll sketch out my interpretation of various classes of lies, with a few examples, but there is also the magnitude of the consequences to the American people; that is, how much damage does such a lie cause to America and her interests. I know that most leftists don’t care about America’s interests, except to the extent that they can be cut down to size, but most average Americans do care. Quite a lot. (I’m also sure that some leftists probably feel guilty about feeling momentarily proud of the US men’s national soccer team after last night’s match against Ghana, but their penance will probably be to tear down something else that’s great about America. They’re such nice people.)

So let’s get down to work, shall we? (That always sends libruls scurrying.)

The Classic Lie: This is the lie that people tell to save their own skin. Of course I’m talking about the ‘Slick Willie’, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” Everyone knew that he was stretching the truth. Everyone knew that he and Hillary and Carville lied about the trail of tears that he put numerous women through, in the Real War on Women™. He perjured himself, and he was a boner fide sexual predator. So, naturally the libs took that lie and tried, with their media friends, to smear Republicans. But it all started with the classic lie. In terms of damage to America overall, though, this one is limited.

The Cynical Lie: This is the type of lie that people tell to get what they want, especially when they know that no one will call them on it. Yes, I’m talking about the Lie of the Year, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.” 0bama knew this was a lie in 2010, and kept telling it until after his re-election in 2012. To tell a lie for that long, you need help from the media (which he obviously had), and the ability to call anyone who objects a racist. This one is actually pretty damaging, long term. It puts more distance and bureaucracy between patients and treatment, which is fine if you’re on the inside of the velvet rope. It pretty much sucks if you aren’t, though, and that’s about 95% of Americans. And I haven’t even mentioned the trillions it will end up costing.

The Comical Lie: This one might make you laugh out loud if the consequences weren’t so tragic. This is the category of the numerous Benghazi lies, where the protests were ‘started by a video that no one’s ever seen, much like the director after he was captured’. People died, then 0bama, Hillary, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and a parade of Admediastration idiots lied in unison. This magnitude of this particular set of lies is fairly small (albeit truly tragic), but it does undermine the trust that our men and women in uniform have in our CiC. When people like 0bama say, ‘I’ve got your back’, they mean it in the sense that they’re going to stick a knife in it.

The “I Couldn’t Care Less” Lie: This one encapsulates the Bergdahl swap. We swapped five Taliban leaders for a deserter, while Susan Rice, acclaimed liar in the Benghazi incident, said Bergdahl served with ‘honor and distinction’. Then we lied about how the five Taliban leaders won’t be a threat, when that’s their reason for existing. We put them in the hands of Qatar, and they’re going to go on killing Americans. We already know about recidivism among those released from Gitmo, and we released the five ‘worst of the worst’, while saying that they won’t pose a threat. This Administration is putting American military and civilian lives in danger, and couldn’t care less.

The Clinical Lie: I say ‘clinical’, because it apparently attempts to answer the question, “How much brain damage does one have to have in order to believe THIS one?” This is the category of ‘An IRS computer crash ate our homework.’ Um…. yeah, right. I’m sure that the IRS would accept that as a valid excuse in an audit. Not only is that not possible (the Government backs up OUR email, for God’s sake), but it’s absolutely insulting to anyone who hears it. I wonder how base and venal one must be to say this. Josh Earnest, belying his name if anyone ever has, said, “I think it’s entirely reasonable. And it’s fact.” That’s an odd way of saying the truth – it’s almost as if he sounds like he has a conscience. Josh, are your parents proud of you? Does your dad brag to his friends, “Yeah, my boy Josh graduated from an Ivy League school, and now he prostitutes himself for the President. How about that?” Pretty disgusting, Josh, but I guess that’s what happens when you have no morals, no principles and no character. Most of us have scraped things off of our footwear that are more appealing than your behavior here.

So, there you have it, folks – a short catalog of 0bama mendacity. This subject, though, could be the subject of multiple books, each longer than the two ‘auto’ biographies that someone else wrote for him. Note that I haven’t even mentioned the IRS lies, the NSA lies, the Fast & Furious lies, etc., and we can expect many more lies as the Middle East continues to devolve into chaos and genocide.

You can clearly see that in the grand scheme of things, Bill barely even moves the needle on lying. Zero has gotten to the point where he pins the meter without even trying. He’s gone way past Nixon in the lie department, but we’re apparently so consumed with the color of his skin that we can’t be bothered to consider the vast emptiness of his character. I don’t think it’s even arguable that if he were a white Republican, he would already be impeached for the high crimes and misdemeanors he’s committed against the American people.
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