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Hi Everyone,

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here. But I recently became a member of SA (when Global Gains closed, I ended up with SA instead). And SA is big into DDD instead of SSYS. I'm hoping to compare and contrast these two publicly held big dogs in the sector. Not just in terms of their general focuses, but also management, style, and competitive advantages.

I'm no expert in this field compared to others on this board. My initial hypothesis is that DDD is a bit better positioned than SSYS. But I'm posting here because there may be people who can either a) poke holes in my reasoning and help me see the light that SSYS is a better bet, or b) convince me both companies are equally well positioned and so I should consider investing half in one and half in the other. OK, so here goes my super-preliminary initial hypothesis:

Given its focus on certain vertical industries and design solutions, DDD is the better choice long term. SSYS seems to be stuck on the analogy to the 2D printer industry, and wants to make its money selling "ink and cartidges." While that approach may have worked for HP, I'm not sure the analogy will stand the test of time in this space. In my opinion, a verticals/solutions approach in the technology space creates much greater customer loyalty and a wider moat. At least that's been my experience from certain successful tech companies I've owned in the GPS space (especially Trimble) and elsewhere in restaurant/hospitality point-of-sale solutions (MICROS Systems).

Admittedly, I'd still love to be able to compare and contrast the management, style, IP portfolio (moat) and other factors (something I don't have the expertise to do). And of course, I'm saying all this without making any references to the stock valuations. Just looking at the businesses.

Since I'm just throwing out a hypothesis, I'm sure there's plenty that I've missed (or misunderstood). Thoughts anyone? (Just be gentle, as I'm already admitting my lack of expertise.)

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I am not sure where you get the impression that DDD is better positioned than SSYS. SSYS is merging with Objet, which to me is a major game-changer, given Objet's wealth of experience and work with 3D printing materials. I have equal amounts in both companies. I think it is difficult to compare these two given the changing nature of their makeup.
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OK, I hear you. So my hypothesis is wrong. There certainly is an argument to be made to invest in both SSYS and DDD. Still trying to understand what dynamics separate the two... more from a management, and culture position.
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Be grateful there are two big dogs in an emerging industry, that competitive atmosphere will force both to take on challenges and risks they may otherwise forgo if they were going it alone.

I have for nearly a decade been long on ssys, and as of last year, now also am long DDD. I see the sector continuing to grow, so the simplest solution for me, keep it simple and own both. :)

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"keep it simple and own both"

Fully agree with you there.
Just bought into both companies a little over a month ago and am already averaging 24% gains.
Am in for the long haul and this looks very promising.

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