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Hi: I popped in to check out this board because my 12-year-old son is a serious (=obsessed) chess player, so I was just curious about the goings on over here.

He studies twice a week with a GM in our area who highly recommended a new-ish book several months ago called "Concise Chess Openings." I can't remember the author, but it's a small square white book; I found it easily at Borders. My son has a number of books on specific openings, but for a good, quick intro to most standard openings, he and his teacher like this one because it does a good job of explaining the strengths and pitfalls of the various common openings and their variations.


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have him read this board. we have people posting here with a range of talent, from me (chess moron) to some others that post strategy stuff so far over my head it might as well be written in greek.


p.s. to everyone, yes, i'll submit a new "available/games list" soon
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