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I always am conflicted when it comes to post-season games. (I love baseball so I will usually watch at least part of most of the post-season games.) Since the Mets seldom make it, when I watch the games, I can never decide who to cheer for.

I'm a National League fan so that's easy. And since the Nats are in it this year, I'm cheering for them. But sometimes I feel that I shouldn't cheer for the team that won the division that the Mets are in. (I just about never root for the Braves or Phillies when they play in the post-season.)

So today I was watching the game and unfortunately, the Nats were beaten up by the Cardinals. But there was one saving grace - the MVP of the game was one of my favorite former Mets -- Carlos Beltran. (Whenever he is at bat, I loudly cheer "CARL-LOS, CARL-LOS", using my best Spanish voice.) I'm really glad he's doing well with the Cardinals -- hit 2 home runs today. But I would have preferred it if the Nats won, at least I think I would have.

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I haven't been following the Division Series - moved on - but I would be happy to see the Cards move on. I have soft spot for them since I spent 4 years in St. Louis during 2 World Series in 1987 and 1985.

Who does not like the Gnats...
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I am also conflicted, but for different reasons. Also an NL homer, I like the Nats story this year, and my uncle is a hard-core DC sports fan (though he's lived in Charleston for the last 28 years.)

But I'm in Dayton, and its hard not to get caught up in the Reds mania. If they both make it to the NLCS, I can't lose.

I care so little about the AL this year that I'm not even rooting against the Yankees...That probably speaks to my not being vested in the sport much at all anymore.

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