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FlyLady sent a mission to get rid of ONE cookbook, and half her list had a total cow. What is it with cookbooks?

Last time we moved, I typed my most favored recipes into Word files and sold the cookbooks at the garage sale. My most common recipes are in my head anyway, but I made files for them too, in case my head goes off line one day. Now when I want something new I go to, or search for "recipes" on I have lots of fun looking for certain things - on a lentil kick this week, there are tons of great lentil recipes on the web.

No more spattered cookbooks getting moldier every year on the kitchen shelf.

Almost book-free thanks to the internet
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I love for new recipes. You can even start a recipe file for ones you like on line, whcih doesn't take up space in your home. They also have it organized well and have a search feature that led me to a great salad recipe once when I had way too many pears...

The site features recipes from gourmet and bon appetit magazines, and also shows reader comments which have been invaluable to deciding both what to make and how to alter it. I recommend this if you are a cookbook hoarder who is trying to reform....
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I don't understand the cookbook thing either. As a kid, I can remember that my grandma had three or four cookbooks and a drawer full of recipes she'd clipped from the newspaper. My mom had maybe a dozen cookbooks at the most. I think I have less than a dozen, but I regularly use each of them. I have my own cookbook that I use for my once a month cooking plan. I use my cookbooks mostly for references on procedures. If I could only keep two cookbooks, I'd keep the one that has my grandma's recipes and Julia Child's The Way to Cook.

I think they're kind of a fantasy for some people. You flip through the pages and dream about all of the wonderful things you can make. It's similar to the addiction to craft books that some people have.

AstridS, not cookbook dependent
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I love cookbooks. I have 2 rows of cookbooks on a small bookshelf. I pull out a cookbook about once a week, each week it is usually a different cookbook. I try a new recipe about once a week, I enjoy browsing through the book, reading the cook's notes, the author's notes about the food, the region and the cooking methods.

My cookbooks vary in their uses, sometimes it is educational, other times they are entertaining and still other times they serve as a reference.

I love to cook, and cookbooks have served as a guide down this path for me.

I eat a low-fat diet, (less than 30% calories from fat). I have several High Flavor Low Fat cookbooks from Steven Raichlen. I have made many of the recipes in these books, now I have the skill and the knowledge to convert many traditional recipes to low-fat.

I bake all my own bread, some in a machine and some by hand. I have enjoyed reading about the different kinds of wheat and flours.

I love Rick Bayless' book "Authentic Mexican Cooking." It is filled with information that accompanies the recipes. My neighborhood has had a recent influx of Mexican immigrants and is now filled with Mexican markets. After several years of searching the city in vain for queso fresco, I can now purchase is at a half-dozen markets within 15 blocks of my house. Queso fresco is now one of my favorite cheeses, had I not read about it in the cookbook, it is likely I would never have bought it. I could not go to a web site and perform a search for a food I did not know existed.

My 2 shelves of cookbooks are not an organizational challenge for me, they provide an enrichment to my life that is deeper than the space they take up.

hoping to shed some light on cookbooks
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. My neighborhood has had a recent influx of Mexican immigrants and is now filled with Mexican markets.

A very off-topic response --

When I read the above I looked at your profile to see where you live. What a surprise to find it's Minneapolis!

We are indeed lucky to live in interesting times.

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