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A couple of questions regarding cork floors. I was hoping someone who has one could comment (or anybody in the know). I'm thinking of putting a floating cork floor over plastic sheeting in my basement (on concrete). Cork floors are supposed to be a 'warm' floor solution but I was wondering how it compared to carpet as far as warmth. I do not want carpet in the basement so the cork floor alternative is very attractive to me. Also, any idea how it would hold up with a couple (not small) dogs on it? I'm more concerned about scratching that anything.

Thanks in advance,
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The floor should hold up about as well as hardwoods. Most cork flooring your going to buy has the same clear finishing as hardwood floors, and thus your dogs are going to scratch that up as opposed to the cork itself. If you buy unfinished cork, your supposed to finish it.
Also, I've seen it recomended that cork ALSO be finished for kitchens once it is put down to seal up the spaces between the tiles which could trap a small amount of material. If your worried about your dogs wrecking it an extra layer or two might ot be a bad idea. Just watch the bad scratches. Further, cork looks to deal with moisture far better than carpet and hardwoods it doesn't mold/must up as fast or warp with water.
As for warmth, it would be warmer than wood but not sure vs carpet. I don't think the feel would be all that diffrent.
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I looked for floors for my sunroom(an addition) and found that cork floors were more expensive. As for dogs scratching....I had two German Shephards on hardwood floors and had no problems.
They were lively, not ones to lay around, and lived in the house with me.

I did clip their nails about every 30 - 45 days.....routine for me even with carpet. Each time I bagan to hear their nails clicking on the hardwood...time for a clip!

In my investigation I do recall that cork floors will have indentations from the legs of heavy furniture and it recommended to have coasters under them and be very careful when moving your furniture. It was the floating floors that I was evaluating. I have done nothing so far, so this probably isn't much help for you.

BTW; I did find that floating floors are OK on a concrete basement floor.
I think it is one of these links that has the cork laminate.
Let us know how it turns out....I'm still pondering the issue. At least the price is right.
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