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Characters on the Show that have died
[Does not include characters who died in THOH episodes.]

Uncle Hubert
passed away in 10.4.87
In [MG14] The Funeral, Marge says: "Children, your elderly Uncle Hubert has passed away."

Snowball I
passed away on 10.31.89
Snowball I was hit by a car driven by Mayor Quimby's beer swilling brother Clovis Quimby. The date of Snowball's death is unfortunately open to speculation. In [7G08], which aired Dec. 17, 1989, Marge writes that "We've had some sadness and gladness this year", saying "Our little cat, Snowball, was unexpectedly run over" (as opposed to those planned "running over's?"), implying Snowball died in 1989. In [7F24] Stark Raving Dad, Lisa writes a poem to Snowball I, saying she was run over by a Chrysler. In [9F04] THOH III, Bart unsuccessfully attempts to bring Snowball I back from the dead with an occult spellbook. In this episode, Lisa says that Snowball I died four years ago tonight (Halloween night) implying 1988, since this episode aired Oct. 29, 1992. Unfortunately, the cat's grave and engraved photo say "1988-1990". Choosing 1990 as the year of death though is terribly out of keeping with the first broadcast.

Great-Grampa Simpson
passed away prior to 1.10.91
In [7F10] Bart Gets Hit by a Car, Bart sees Great Grampa Simpson as he rides the escalator to heaven

Beatrice "Bea" Simmons
passed away on 3.28.91 from a burst ventricle [a broken heart]
In [7F17] Old Money, she left Grampa Simpson $106,000 which he eventually used to renovate the Retirement Castle's dining hall. In a touching scene, he honored her memory by naming the room after her. Her tombstone, engraved with "Beatrice Simmons (Grampa's Girlfriend)" appears in [BABF10] with a fresh rose lovingly placed in front of it.

passed away on 11.14.91
In [8F07] Saturdays of Thunder, McBain's partner is slain by Mendoza.

Aunt Gladys Bouvier
passed away on 1.21.93
In [9F11] Selma's Choice, she died and left Jub Jub to Patty and Selma's mother, who then gave it to the sisters.

Great Uncle Boris
passed away on 3.17.94
In [9F14] Homer Loves Flanders, He leaves the family his old country house. The will states that the family has to stay in it over night, and, of course, its haunted.

Bleeding Gums Murphy
passed away on 4.30.95 from illness and operation complications
In [2F32] 'Round Springfield, he was hospitalized and never recovered. He first appeared in [7G06] Moaning Lisa. He may be one of Dr. Hibbert's long lost brothers. His tombstone, engraved with a winged saxophone, appeared in [BABF10].

Super Dude
passed away on 5.21.95
In [2F16] Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1, Super Dude died over a long weekend.

Dr. Marvin Monroe
passed away sometime in 1995 (during season 6)
This was first alluded to in The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, when it was mentioned that the hospital was named in memorial to him. One of Dr. Monroe's biggest parts on the show was in [7G04] "There's No Disgrace Like Home", where OFF visits his office and participate in therapy. In [BABF10] Alone Again, Natura-Diddley we see his tombstone, replete with carved psychiatrists' couch, thereby finally verifying his death.

Great Aunt Hortense
passed away on 2.11.96
In [3F12] Bart the Fink, the executor of her will and estate is the "Law Firm of Dewey, Cheathem, Howe, Weissmann". The will stated that OFF were her only living heirs. They each inherited $100 dollars while the remainder of her estate went to Ann Landers. Note that In [7F10] Bart Gets Hit by a Car, which aired over five years earlier on 1.10.91, Bart sees Aunt Hortense as he rides the escalator to heaven

Asa Phelps
passed away on 4.28.96 from severe depression due to being replaced by a moulder-matic
In [3F19] The Curse of the Flying Hellfish, Asa is the next Hellfish member to die, leaving Mr. Burns and Abe Simpson. Other members that previously passed away were Sheldon Skinner, Arnie Gumble, Iggy Wiggum, Milton "Ox" Haas, Etch Westgrin and Griff McDonald.

Mr. Estes
passed away in 1996
In [3F22] Summer of 4 Ft. 2, Lisa reveals that Mr. Estes, the Publications Advisor, passed away and left her in charge of Retrospecticus, the school yearbook. "Who died and made you boss?" [aired 5.19.96]

James Bont
passed away on 11.3.96
In [3F23] You Only Move Twice, He was trapped by Hank Scorpio, escaped, and later shot to death by Scorpio's guards. {jv}

Frank Ormand
passed away on 1.19.97
In [4F08] The twisted world of Marge Simpson, Mr. Ormand died in a car accident along with the Executor of his Estate. The voice was performed by Jack Lemmon. "If your watching me, that means you've got pretzel fever, and not the kind that attacked my intestinal lining some years back."

Shary Bobbins
passed away on 2.7.97
In [3G03] Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D'oh-cious, while flying away from the Simpsons home with her umbrella, she dies after being pulled into a jet engine.

Rex Banner
passed away on 3.16.97
In [4F15] Homer vs. the 18th Amendment, Rex is accidentally catapulted out of town, presumably unable to survive.

Frank Grimes
passed away on 5.4.97 from electrocution
In [4F19] Homer's Enemy, Mr. Grimes deeply resented Homer's success in spite of the fact that Homer is quite sloth. Frank angrily mocked Homer, and in doing so, carelessly grabbed electrical cables. His tombstone appeared in [BABF10].

Captain Tenille
passed away 3.29.98
Since Homer torpedoed him out of the submarine in [3G04] into the hull of an enemy submarine it's safe to assume that this gentleman is no longer with us.

C.W. McAllister
passed away in the Winter of 1928
In [5F16] King of the Hill, we learn that C.W. died by freezing to death in a cave on Murderhorn Mountain during a climbing expedition with Grampa Simpson. C.W.'s journal describes the events of the climb differently than that of the story told by Grampa. It seems that Abe took a big bite out of his arm before he died. His body was not found until 1998 when Homer climbed the mountain and rode him back down like a sled.

Pinchy the Lobster
passed away on 11.22.98 in a hot tub that was just too hot.
In [AABF03] Lisa Gets an A, Homer becomes attached to a lobster he names Pinchy. Homer later eats Pinchy after he accidentally cooks him.

Red Barclay {pc}
passed away on 3.28.99 dies from eating too much steak
In [AABF13] Maximum Homerdrive Red Barclay challenged Homer to a beef-eating contest.

Maude Flanders
passed away on 2.13.00 falling from the racetrack grandstand
In [BABF10] Alone Again, Natura-Diddly, Maude Flanders is knocked off the racetrack grandstand and falls to her untimely death. This event was precipitated by the voice of Maude Flanders, Maggie Rosell, leaving the show. Other recurring characters voiced by Maggie Roswell include Luann Van Houten (Milhouse's mother) and Helen Lovejoy.

Ernest K. Smithers
passed away long ago in an accident at SNPP shown in a flashback first broadcast 12.09.01
In [CABF21] The Blunder Years, we learn of the murder mystery of Ernest K. Smithers, father of Waylon Smithers.

And if you've read this far, I can add my own two cents. Technically Snowball II, Snowball III, and Coltrane were all killed in a recent episode, but to remain consistant, the 4th cat of the episode was named "Snowball II"

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