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Free Speech -- We Were Just Kidding!

It is in fact insane that the Left has so many people coming out in favor of protecting Islam from blasphemy. I know it is not everyone, but it is just amazing that a good number of people who call themselves liberal can excuse violence by a misogynist culture that is meant to suppress speech in the name of Gods and Churches. We have actual children of the sixties arguing that threats of violence are sufficiently good reason to suppress speech and that a religion that basically enslaves women needs laws that protect it from criticism (these same children of the sixties that all protested the Christmas bombings of Cambodia are also launching drone strikes willy nilly on civilians and claiming that the President can assassinate Americans solely on his say-so, but those are different topics.)

This all goes to prove my long-time conviction that the political parties have very little foundation in any real morality, and that they tend to simply take positions opposite of the other party. Since Conservatives staked out the anti-Islam position, the Left feels the need to find some way to be pro-Islam. Weird, but I can't think of any other explanation. The only exceptions to this rule are 1) expansions of Presidential power and 2) taking the drug war to new stupid extremes. Both parties seem unified in supporting these two things, at least when their guy is in office.

Ain't that the truth?

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