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Last week, 3/15, Cramer made a couple of calls on shipping
1. He thinks dry bulk shipping index (DBI) has put in its lows and is now on the road to recovery
2. There were only three companies that met his investment criteria (my guess market cap),
and he recommended one of the three- Diana Shipping (DSX)
3. Recommended his favorite tanker idea, Nordic American Tankers (NAT)

In the past, I have mostly used Cramer as a contrary indicator. On his calls from last week,
I find myself mostly agreeing with Cramer. Before someone asks if I got hit by an oar, let
me clarify the points I agree with Cramer. The BDI trading higher than it was a few months
ago when it hit multi-year lows just means the same thing- the BDI is trading higher than
it was a few months ago. The trend might be up, but seasonal fluctuations do not rule out a
revisit to those lows. I also disagree on his reasoning of DSX's chartering strategy.
Cramer seems to think DSX management is taking shorter charter terms because a rebound in
rates is imminent. I don't think so. DSX has always had a conservative approach to chartering
of vessels. My guess is, the company is taking the short charter terms because the pickings
are slim, and a conservative management team takes a reasonable deal. Not too much disagreement
on the rest of his DSX premise.|headline|quo...

Regarding NAT, it is his favorite shipping company. I suspect Cramer has had a small part in
NAT's increased volume this week. For tanker companies, especially those companies with
spot trading vessels, a good test is always Q3.
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