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My son.

My 12-year old son.

When I learned about this last night I told him and I quote, "you'd had been better off stabbing me with a knife. It would have hurt less," and I turned and walked away. This is the same kid who just 18 months got how dire our situation was and respected how much I was doing to keep it from all falling apart - and now it has become this.

I called mom (I'm a fulltime single parent) and then I called my mom (his grandmother). I then called 911 to request he be arrested and arraigned. This is just simply unforgiveable. Welcome to the 21st Century. They won't arrest him. Yup, you read that right.

It seems as though in the great state of Washington, and in the era of overtaxed systems and shrinking budgets they have a points system. If a crime commited by a juvenile doesn't have enough points (or a chain of crimes added up together) than no arrest. Credit card fraud is not an, ehem, arrestable offense it seems, just not enough points. [feel free to rant away on this point]

My option as explained to me by the sherriff's department was to file a report, have it referred to the prosecutors office, who would refer to a judge, who would request an arraignment for a felony filing of theft and then bring to a hearing. However at the end of the day "mini-me" would not spend one second in a holding cell, jail cell, or otherwise have any other major negative consequences. So lets go over this:

1) Lawyer to defend him. That would be on my dime. Public defender if I don't get a lawyer, would still be on my dime if the state determines I could pay (which I can pay).

2) Any fines, actions, classes, etc. etc. That would be on my dime. The court would mandate the fine, want it paid, and then I'm stuck holding the bag as the parent.

3) Worst experience for "mini-me," standing in front of a judge going, "yes, sir, I stole my fathers credit card and put charges on it for porn sites at 12 years old on a secure computer that my friend hacked for me so I could go to the porn site and I'm awful sorry."

4) I will have one royally pissed off felon living down the hallway.

5) Oh, and when its referred back to Capital One guess who has to pay back the fraudulent charges.

So I told the police, very nicely, thanks for nothing -- the way it is setup I get all the punishment and my son gets nothing out of the deal other than, "I screw up, dad has to fix it for me."

Not the lesson I want taught.

I've notified his school, his mother is on the same page as I am, for now, and setting up an appointment to see a shrink for him. He also goes in on 2/7/06 for a toxicology screen to check for drug use (not likely).

Absolutely at my wits end. This morning while packing his lunch he gave me attitude and he got a stunning experience. In the matter of 1/2 a second his 5 foot tall 105 pound frame was over my knee with arms secured one handed. Didn't spank him - that act would be pointless but the message was clearly received that this "bull" has had enough of the young steer and is still the grand poobar of this house. He was, "yes sir," and, "no sir," for the rest of the morning.

Flabergasted that the local authorities are giving him a hall pass for his actions. I had him sent up the creek for his actions if there was some real punishment from it.


Absolutely, utterly, completely, totally, heart broken.
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