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Some time back I posted my story concerning Household Bank of Nevada offering me a credit card (CC) and the problems encountered when I tried to take them up on the offer. Basically, they had gotten a credit history from Trans Union (TU) and took it from there.

They rejected my app and I called TU to find out why. They refused to send me the report saying the address I gave them to send the report to was not the one they had on file, yet the bank sent me the CC app at the address I gave TU, the same one TU must have given to the bank to begin with, duh.

I gave up trying to get a report and looked elsewhere for a better card and finally after procrastinating for months asked RadioShack for a card since I buy enough stuff from them. Rejected again.

Tried calling TU and got nowhere again. They couldn't send me any info since I didn't live where I said I did. They plain refused to help me in any way over the phone with any info I asked for. I then sent them a cancelled check w/my address on it as the previous paper work TU sent me told me to do so I could prove I lived where I said I did. (They never explained how my address was changed or who changed it)

Three weeks ago my wallet was stolen and all the ID, credit card, etc... along with it. Called to alert TU of the theft and they once again told me they couldn't send me anything since my address was wrong (at least they attached the fraud alert paperwork to my account).

Problem is, I had sent the requested info concerning my current address to their east coast office as requested and it either refuses to accept it, or the west coast and the east coast offices don't communicate among themselves, they stated they had no paperwork sent by me, talk about a joke of an operation, heaven help all of us. So they basically ain't budging and won't even acknowledge my cancelled check as proof of address.

Called Equifax, a lame business if there ever was one, and got nothing but automated menus. Even on their fraud alert line they offer no help to the consumer. At least TU did talk to me and explained the address problem. How could I correctly alert Equifax to the theft if they didn't have the correct address? Guess I'll never know, I gave up. I should go over to one of the hackers newsgroup on the Internet and post the 1-800-525-6285 Equifax number and ask them to tie up the line for eternity as payback for lame service.

I finally called Experian and a real live operator answered. Not only live, but helpful. She explained the address problem and even told me what was in my file, same town but wrong house number.

She also took the time to tell me to contact my current CC issuer to look for the error since the CC company you have that provides credit info used by the reporting agencies.

Called my VISA issuer, Chase Madhatter Bank in NY and checked on the problem. Sure enough, it was their doing. I never really cared for their service but now I have a reason to leave them. And they'll wonder why I wanted another card. So I can cancel their's! That's what the pursuit for another card was all about to begin with, so I could dump Chase Manhattan.

But it wasn't a wrong address in their files, they had my dad's social security number under my name in their file. They couldn't explain how it got there, or when it got there as I did have good credit up to 1996, idiots. So I demanded they change it, sent them a copy of my SS card, and that they contact the reporting agencies and make the proper changes and issue a credit report that's correct. Then I dump Chase!!!

This yr Chase lost one of my payment checks. Largest purchase I ever made on a VISA was on that last check they lost. Of course it was my fault, I never sent them a payment they said and they charged a late fee and interest. Even though I placed it in my town's PO mail box myself. The only mail that has vanished off the face of the Earth for me (twice), was mail sent to Chase. Must be my fault.

Payback comes in the form of posting the goof by Chase on the Net and if it scares away potential customers, to bad. But the story shows how your credit info can be changed for no reason other than a bank not knowing what it's doing. Can't wait to see what problems the year 2000 brings, could be real interesting. --65
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