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for a very long time I'm a critic of the USA (despite the USA (government) doesn't accept criticism). Thereby I found a German article in which behaviours of the USA are interrogated. Like: 'Why are the USA behaving like they behave' or 'what does the USA want to achieve whith it's foreign policy'...

I translated the text with "Altavista Babel fish translation". So the text isn't the best English.

What do you think about these theses? (verty provokating theses)
And: please no indignities.

EU as opponents of the USA (note: provoking theses)

The policy of the USA had always a target: make CASH
Compared with the targets of other states that appears quite harmlessly, there it not primarily around subjecting, world conquest or penetration of ideological targets goes. It implies however several targets:

1. And resources limited acces to raw materials a 2nd accumulating of patents, copyrights etc.. 3. Intersperses own standards (supports 2) 4th world-wide penetration of vested title for the own economy is particularly favorable 5th elimination of Konkurenz 6th enlargement of markets

The targets 1 to 5 contain a conflict potential during the target 6 (in principle the economy OF scale justifies) co-operation promote. It depends thus on the individual state whether it is seen of the USA as partner or an opponent or whether it is situated in the interest of the USA that in this country a strong economy develops or not.

Examples: Raw material realms of countries (Iraq, Russia, sections of Africa, Iran...) should be poor and always wars lead, thus them in a forced manner are cheap your raw materials to export (into the USA naturally) instead of them to use. Their development to a market is worthwhile itself fewer than the direct exploitation of their raw materials.

, cooperative, industriealisierte countries lacking in raw materials and little powerful (West Germany to end of the 80iger, Japan of the 70iger, New Zealand, soon possibly also e.g. China) are useful to the USA as co-operation partners around costs of research and product development to divide as well as around the USA help interests in relation to raw material countries and counterweights intersperse.

The largest weltmacht beside the USA is fought normally directly (openly or secretly). It is the largest threat for the interests of the USA thereby avoids it the USA with other powers to create so long it largest power did not defeat itself. Examples: British Empire, Mexico (supremacy within Americas), Sowietunion, German Reich, Japan end of the 80iger and in the future China or the EU. and after everything which I over the problems of the Chinese white, the EU at least the next 20 years the largest weltmacht beside the USA will be.

Role of the EU although the EU prima a co-operation partner for the USA is around research and development costs to divide, is it the main competitor. It must be prevented thus that it more powerfully will than the USA it may itself only to perhaps 80% US of the level develop. It is worthwhile itself to spy it regularly over guarantee the fact that the USA always keep the fuehrerschaft within the technological area and possesses the best patents (e.g. for modern wind power stations). Talented and rich individuals as well as companies must be abgeworben and brought into the USA (it is then all the same whether it former Nazis is or to Mafiosi - see money laundering scandal around Yel'tsin).

It would be ideal for the USA, if one could win enough information, in order unpleasant political forces to switch off (e.g. by direct bribery (Kohl's son studies in Harvard) or financial support in the election campaign - perhaps also by fewer beautiful methods). The EU is also the largest danger for the current INTERNAL order in the USA, since she offers a successful alternative society model: the social free-market economy. The countries of the EU are more democratic and their control and social politics, should come the normal Americans once on the idea them in the USA to intersperse, would be for the powerful ones in the USA of large disadvantage. Quite as in former times the American cash aristocracy fear had that fascism or communism could over-slosh once on the USA.

European policy after American interest would contain e.g. (everything is based on genuine political initiatives of the USA): - attenuation of the EU by fast accommodation of poor and problematic countries (Turkey, Ukraine...) - weak centre government - long one, ekliger soil war in Yugoslavia briefly after the start of the euro (if necessary one must bombard stop the Chinese message to prevent around a peace solution). - software patents, copyrights for all areas in those the USA strongly are (serves the economic power for strengthening also in the future) - everything must available and be " liberalisiert " (e.g. with it to travel itself it knows the Bill Gates' electronic copyright for all European cultural properties under the nail - preventing that one can protect oneself in Europe against electronic spying on (best to use all European computer applications on American servers, then is the world welfare).

Even if that may sound somewhat glaring now all (I always still hope that I do not have in all right), is the quantity of the indications those again and again emerges really precariously. Unfortunately most people think in Germany that security politics is not topic (or only one of tanks and rockets), completely to silence of long-term economic interests and the large brother the USA will already assume the German interests... (blind confidence worked in Germany always well: " the emperor will arrange", " the leader will arrange ", " the large brother Sowjetunion will arrange ", " the large brother America will arrange ",...)

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