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I could use some assistance with CVH being bought by Aetna. With the run up in CVH price in the last 2 months, does it still make sense to hold CVH and take the conversion to Aetna stock?
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If a company is being bought out for cash, then the only reason to hold on to it is if you either don't need the money and want to save on the trade fee (cheap), or you think there might be a counter offer and a bidding war. If the company is being bought out for stock, then you have to decide whether you want to become an owner of the new company, whether it's growth potential, the quality of it's management, the soundness of its financials, is worth your investment dollar.

The price of the company being acquired will usually rise to the premium being offered by the purchaser, so if you decide to sell, you will get somewhere close to the purchase price.

If you are interested in what other Fools think about Aetna, check out it's CAPs page:

Who does note Aetna is trading near it's 52 week high but with the implementation of Healthcare Reform over the next couple years, the future is wide open for the healthcare insurance industry...
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It is a neck and neck race 'tween the both them. Hang on to CVH until the middle of 2013.

check back with your broker for more detailed information.

With a deal like this, CVH employees should be prepared for a lot of layoffs because of duplications of jobs.

Quillnpenn -
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