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This is a rec for CVS's Minute Clinic if you can't get a same-day appointment with your doctor for one of the covered services.

On Veteran's Day, during the morning I felt I might be coming down with a UTI. Called my primary care doctor who sometimes has same-day appointments available, but they were fully booked that day. I stopped by my closest CVS and pickup up the home test kits sold for UTI. Took 2 and they both came out "borderline, make an appointment with your doctor". I didn't want to wait an extra day to see my primary care, because if it gets worse overnight it can be rather painful. The closest Urgent Care center I'm familiar with in my area is a 30 minute drive with traffic - there's an ER near me - but I didn't want a $250+ co-pay for a rather "standard" issue.

Then I remembered the TV ads for CVS Minute Clinic. Looked it up online and saw they can diagnose UTIs and one was available about 15 minutes away. When I got there, there was 1 guy ahead of me filling out the sign-in (it's on a computer terminal). The "clinic" is basically 2 separate rooms. After about 10 minutes my name was called. The service provider took down my insurance info, I paid a $25 co-pay (you can self pay too if you don't have insurnance) and he gave me the little plastic cup and pointed out where the CVS restrooms are. Test came out borderline, so he sent in an antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy (I could've used another pharmacy if I wanted, but obviously the one there is the most convenient).

All in all a good option to be aware of and see if available in your area should you need a same-day non-emergency appointment and can't get one with your normal doctor.
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AZO is medication to take with a UTI - it takes away the pain and uncomfortable feeling (but NOT the infection) until your antibiotics kick in. It does make you pee orange but so worth the relief.
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The CVS Minute Clinic is great and all, but I am more amazed at how my wife navigates the savings game at CVS. I am allowed to push the cart for her as she scans her card, gets bonus dollars, organizes coupons, buys stuff we will never use, and saves tens of dollars in a a matter of 25 minutes. I have never seen anything like it in my life. When we get in the car, she says, I bought all of that stuff for $6.23 and saved $48.96.

Simply amazing. CVS shopping is a sport.

Under arm deodorant anyone?
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