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Totally forgot about this board. Created from the argument about transgenic mice.

I've been looking at a stock that I feel has the Gorilla Game around it.

This is the original posting. For now ignore the sales revenues for now, I need to update that section. The key thing is the market is the 1% of the population who are chronically ill and costing $70,000 each per year. This is a big and lucrative market. Each unit a hospital buys will save that hospital money. In the case of Cyber-Care each dollar they spend they save $4. A good proposition.

Home monitoring market has a gorilla feel to it.

Here's why I think it could be a gorilla candidate.
The important think is that they have key patents about using home monitors using TCP/IP protocol and they are the only company that saw how important it was that the products should be networked.
This is my posting on why I think it could be a candiate.

The network is their key advantage. It's smart and delivers services which you cannot manage on a point to point system. In particular they are charging each unit user $200 per month for using the network. Like I say very lucrative.
Here is a white paper on the network

It's not mice but I think if you are in biotechnology Gorilla game you should look at it. If only because you want to discount it :)

Information is not a problem. You can have as much as you want. Got a question. I'll try to answer it or find someone who can.
Here's the board

Here is a transcript from the last AGM link - note taken from an investor who recorded it. This is not an official company release.

Relamatrix group alliance link

Colin Medical group selcted for EHC

CYBR page.

CyberCare's web-site:

CyberCare, News Releases:
Cyber selects 1st US manufacturer 4/12/2000

Cyber announces Brown Schools agreement 4/6/2000

CyberCare, "Electronic House Call":

Murray's 2001 Analysis, revised:

CyberCare's Remote Monitoring Solution:

SEC filings:

Connecticut Capital Analyst's Report:

The Taylor Stuart Research Report:

Our own CYBR Raging Bull Analysis:

Comparison of CYBR and QCOM:

South Florida Business Journal:

The Nortel Partnership Agreement:

Georgia Tech. Website:

Telemedicine, A Brief Overview:

Dept of Defense Telemedicince:

Inherent Risks of CYBR:

Questions and Answers with John Haines:

Interview with Mike Morrell:

Analysis of Sept 24, 1999 Conference Call:

Analysis of Nov 4, 1999 Conference Call:

Analysis of Jan 13th Demo in Georgia:

Analysis of April 3rd Coference Call:

CyberCare, EHC orders to date:

GlenAirlie's list of possible uses of the EHC:

CyberCare and the Competition:

Patent information and infringement:

FDA approval information:

Possible IPO information:

More links and research by another of our own, Sallie:

The Century Project, interesting article:

American Express financing.

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Did you find any links on the subject?



BTW: Nice post.
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Sounds like an interesting lead and a potentially lucrative market. I'll look into the links, but any chance you could give us (being an expert of sorts) a Gorilla game analysis. Adoption lifecycle, proprietary architecture, switching costs, value chain analysis, etc. Not asking you to do all the legwork, but think those of us who are completely in the dark about this space (like me) could use a primer to get up to speed.


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This is my posting on why I think it could be a candiate - but not a gorilla yet.

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Nice analysis. I still have some reading to do to get a handle on the size of the market and opportunity, but it certainly sounds like Cyber-Care is a leader. Unfortunately, it also sounds like it's all alone:

5) Value Chain – this is yet to form. Cyber-Care is trying to stop manufacture of their EHC product and have the current competitors licensing their superior technology. In effect trying to turn the competitors into a value chain. It will consist of hospitals, HMO's, doctors, nurses. Other systems will be able to exploit the network to enable new functionality.

I really think this is the biggest problem with nearly all emerging technologies in biotech. Without a tornado and solid value chain, the market will not be forced to settle on a standard. Thus far, I see very few value chains with the scale to allow a gorilla or gorilla-like beast to emerge. Of course, the development of horizontally integrated business models outside of (or peripherally associated to) drug making is relatively new in this industry, so this may change in the future.

Looks like some of the components are there, GG, I'd have to say we're still on a tornado watch on this one. Keep the Dopplar up and running! :)

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But the growth is the kicker.
Even given what they got there going to pull +200% earnings and they keep upgrading their figures.

From the transcript made by a Ragingbull long from a tape recording of the AGM

Mike..."Ah we don't really get into forecasts...but ah...we'll have about 500 to 700 units installed by end of this year...and next year....we expect to have installed 20,000 EHC units...and beyond that I don't know...OUR ORIGINAL PLAN....our original plan...ah...called for 100,000 units to be installed...over 3yrs...AND WE ARE WAY TO HEL-L AHEAD OF THAT TIME"...

The 100,000 is not news which I found confirmed in the sun sentinal ...

It's the fact that they are going to kill the figure.
They have a class action at the moment. The board think that when this is over the real sales figures will come out... Now this could just all be BS but if you're interested in it keep looking at it and if the announcements come in (like I'm expecting) we will get our tornado and you can be more confident in the company.

It's late [in England] so I'm going home. I'll try and put together why I think the figures should be better tomorrow.
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The current status of Cyber-Care's projects and affiliations.

Still waiting for an HMO.....
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