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Clan of the Fool - Diablo II
FAQ - Version 1.2

1. What is the Clan of the Fool?
2. What do I need to play in the Clan of the Fool?
3. Do I need to be a member of to play?
4. What should I name my character?
5. What character class should I choose?
6. What server should I select?
7. How should I set up clan games?
8. Do I always need to play in clan games?
9. How do I find other players and games online?
10. How do I chat with other players?
11. What are the Fool Rules of Etiquette when playing in clan games?
12. Links to Diablo II resources online

1. What is the Clan of the Fool?

The Clan of the Fool started when a group of Diablo II-playing Fools started complaining on the Computer Games discussion board about the number of immature brats on and how difficult it was to find good people to play with. Realizing that we already had a group of mature, interesting, fun people in one place who all played Diablo II and wanted to play in mass games on, the Clan discussion board was founded in March 2002.

The Clan of the Fool is a mutual aid society. We help each other out in games, play together, share treasure, and get experience. What's more, it's a heck of a lot of fun and a great way to waste a perfectly good evening.

For our Clan of the Fool Totem, see: (courtesy of Kazim)

2. What do I need to play in the Clan of the Fool?

The Clan of the Fool plays primarily with Diablo II/Lord of Destruction expansion pack. You need a copy of this game and expansion pack and access to, a free service.

3. Do I need to be a member of to play?

Non-Fools may join the Clan, but should be invited by a Fool. Since we discuss a lot of things online about games and strategy, it's a good idea to be a member or have regular access to the board through a current member.

4. What should I name my character?

Most CotF members have started new characters and new accounts with "TMF" in the name. Some have it at the beginning, and some at the end. This is not strictly required, but it is handy to know that that strange person messaging you is another Fool.

5. What character class should I choose?

It's up to you. You might want to find out what other people are using and try to pick something that will generally round out games (we don't want a game full of eight paladins, for example). However, we have a good variety of characters, and some clan members maintain more than one type to switch around, so pick whatever you like.

6. What server should I select?

When you start Diablo II, you will see a slim button below "Battle.Net" that says "Gateway" and a server name. At present, CotF games are played on USEast (your actual geographic location does not really matter). If the server name does not say "USEast", click this button and select "USEast". If you choose a different server, you will be cut off from the Clan, as you cannot play in the same game across servers.

7. How should I set up clan games?

Clan games should follow this naming convention:

Game base name (Fools) + type + act: (examples: FoolsNormAct5, FoolsNMAct2, FoolsHellAct3) This helps Fools know an appropriate game to enter
Password: tmfd2 (for The Motley Fool D2)

We recognize that sometimes the game name may be taken, whether by someone else who doesn't understand the significance of the name, or if there is already a full CotF 8-person game in play. In that case you could do something like Fools2NormAct5.

Games should be set up with no level restrictions and should be set up for 8 people. Level restrictions are mostly set up to deal with PKers (player-killers -- characters that live to go murder other people's characters) and of course, there are no PKers in the Clan of the Fool -- right? (see Section 11, What are the Fool Rules of Etiquette when playing in clan games?).

8. Do I always need to play in clan games?

No; you should never feel pressured to "have" to play in a game with others. There are reasons why you might not feel like playing with a large group that evening and that should be respected. In that case, do not use the standard "Fool" game name structure, use the name "private" in your game name, and use a nonstandard password. That will be people's cue to respect your privacy.

However, if you are in a "Fool" game name, this is your signal to the clan that you welcome other players, so be sure to set up the game as laid out in Section 7, How should I set up clan games?. Also see the Fool Rules of Etiquette section (section 11) for more on Game Etiquette.

9. How do I find other players and games online?

Draggon maintains a roster of current Clan members. To be added to the roster, post your information to the D2 Clan of the Fool discussion board on Include the following information:

Fool Name: (your handle on
Your real name: (what you would like us to call you)
Account name (add to Friends): (your account name)
1st Character type: (character class(es) you plan to play on

The roster is located at

The /friends command in Chat mode is your key to finding people and games. There is a list of Clan members on the discussion board, and you can key these names into your friends list. A single command will tell you who is online and what game they are playing in (or "offline" if they are not logged in).

To add friends, you need to know their account name. For example, suppose you want to add the players "bcfrenchTMF" and "TMFKazim". When you select your character and enter the area known as the "channels" (you see a line of characters along the bottom and several panes), you will see a blinking cursor above some greyed-out buttons that say things like "Send" and "Whisper". Type in this box:
/friends add accountname

replacing "accountname" with the account name of the person you want to add. So, in our example, you would type:
/friends add bcfrenchTMF
/friends add TMFKazim

To see all your friends and what they are doing, type:
/friends list

or the shortcut:
/f l

and you will see a list of your friends, whether they are offline or online. You may see that they are in a channel, which means they are in but not currently in a game. If they are in a game, you will see the name of the game. So, if you see that TMFKazim is in a game called Fools, you can assume this is a clan-public game and that by using that standard game name and the standard password, you can enter the game freely and play.

You can also send a message to everyone on your friends list who is online by typing:
/friends msg Your message

/friends msg Hi guys ... anyone up for a game?

You can also do any of these /friends commands from within a game by clicking Enter and typing in the box that appears.

More detailed information about the various commands associated with adding, deleting, and using the /friends list can be found at:

10. How do I chat with other players?

Chatting is easy. For the most part you will use chat within a game, but these commands also work within channels.

To chat with people in a game, simply hit Enter and the message box will pop up. Whatever you type will be shown to everyone in the game.

If you want to send a message only to one person in a game, you need to use the Whisper command. Suppose you want to send a message only to bcfrenchTMF:
/whisper *bcfrenchTMF

or the shortcut
/w *bcfrenchTMF

Unlike the friends command, the Whisper command requires putting an asterisk in front of the account name.

You can also use the Whisper command to send a message to someone in another game, in a channel, or anywhere else on

Here are a couple other useful chat commands:
/where *accountname

Tells you were a particular person is
/away [text]

If you are logged in but away from your keyboard for a time, this is a good message to put up so folks who try to contact you know you aren't just ignoring them.

/away eating dinner


Displays all chat commands in case you have forgotten.

For more information on chats, go to:

11. What are the Fool Rules of Etiquette when playing in clan games?

Rule #1: Cooperate.

People in games should more or less stick together. Wait for each other at waypoints and level entrances/exits for people to catch up. Parties can decide to split up to search a level more effectively if they wish, but this should be a party decision. Don't just run ahead and leave monsters unkilled, nicely gathered and ready to ambush unsuspecting players behind you. Be considerate of those around you.

Clan members in Clan-public games (those with the Fool standard game name structure) are expected to join the party. Don't enter a Fool game and then refuse to join the party or talk to anyone. This is suspicious behavior often engaged in by PKers (see Rule #3, No player-killing, below) and is not the behavior of someone in league with the Clan.

Everyone in the group is expected to participate. If you're not going to play, why join the game? Dogging (following a party and soaking up experience without doing any of the work) is strongly discouraged. Doggers may find themselves blocked out of games or friends' lists.

If someone enters the party who is much lower level, a party may decide to make another game to help that person get up to speed with quests. The person who needs to do quests that everyone else has done must create the game, or else it will show the quests as already completed. This problem should be reduced if you name your games correctly to reflect the game's level and act.

However, a much-advanced party may decide to keep playing rather than go back to a much lower level. That is their right as the existing party. They may also decide to split up, with one part going on and the other leaving to help the junior member.

In these cases, however, the junior member should participate actively in the game. Power-acting (a nice term for a junior member being leveled up by letting all the more advanced characters do all the work) is discouraged as it is not considered fair play.

More senior members are strongly encouraged to help out junior members, by sharing good treaure finds appropriate to lesser-level characters, giving extra money, or helping them out with quests or leveling.

Rule #2: Share.

Share the treasure fairly and logically. If you are a barbarian, don't pick up all the mana potions if there is a sorceress in the party. If you are a sorceress, don't pick up all the swords. If you come across something cool that you think someone else might want, don't sell it. Our convention with what to do with those items is to drop them by the stash. If nobody picks up these items, part of the cleanup after a game or after finishing an act is to sell items remaining littering the stash area.

Interestingly enough, CotF members tend to stand around and wait for everyone else to pick up goodies when something cool drops.

Gold picked up from the ground is automatically shared.

Rule #3: No player-killing

Anyone player-killing in a clan game will no longer be welcome in clan games. Player-killing is not dueling; player-killing is going hostile against an unwilling party member and killing him or her in an ambush. Going hostile against someone who does not want to be hostile is totally unacceptable.

Rule #4: Mutually agreed-upon dueling is acceptable

If two players, or a group of players, decide to duel for fun, this is fine as long as everyone agrees it is fun and no one feels pressured into dueling. Not everyone enjoys dueling and no one should be made to do something they do not wish to do.

12. Links to Diablo II resources online

The Arreat Summit: the official Diablo II/LOD online strategy guide:
Basic information, not much more than an online version of the manual.
This is the mother of all online strategy guides, news, lookups, everything. Here are some useful inner links that may help new characters:

Character Classes

Basic information on characters:

The following are subject guides to the individual character classes, including details about the skills and strategy guides written by other players:









The Horadric Cube: What it's used for

Horadric Cube recipes:

Set items (green):

Unique items (light yellow):

Runes and rune words:


Guide to quests:

About townsfolk:





Questions or comments on the FAQ: please post to the D2 Clan of the Fool board.
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