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Is it time to bal out of DDD. Bought it at 42 and feel like I am riding it to the celler.
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Pull up a one-year graph of the stock price. (I like Google Finance for this.) Look at what happened from Feb to Mar, and in May. Then look what happened after those dips. Then take a good look at the last few months. The current price has only fallen back to where it was in July, so it has lost about 2 months of gains.

I know when you bought at a recent high and it has fallen so quickly from there it is hard to take the long view. The problem is that in the short view DDD is going to make these kinds of dips and rises, which makes short-term investing in DDD not much more than gambling. However when I look long term - years - I think the last year is just the start of the rise for DDD. Of course I could be wrong, but that's where I've got some money.

RH in CT, long DDD
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I too feel the crunch, but I am curious as to how much of this drawback is contributed to the upcoming elections?
I did purchase 3D for the long haul, so I have just battened down the hatches and I am just going to ride this out too.
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Just a note here on why stocks and the stock market go up and down. Every night I watch the PBS Newhour and they tell me, like all the other news shows, why the stock market went up or down. They say, for instance, that the market went down because of bad unemployment numbers. Other times they say that the market went up DESPITE bad unemployment numbers.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason stocks go up is always because there was more buying that day than selling. And vice versa. Why? Who knows?

The same is often true of growth stocks like DDD. They go up and down a lot. For the most part we don't know why. You must decide whether a company is going to grow over time or not. Unless something material happens, you just have to learn to hold on through the ups and downs.

I have owned IPGP for a number of years. It has gone way up and way down in that time (just look at their price chart). I am convinced that the company has an excellent technology and is well run. I am staying with them unless something material changes. I expect to own the stock for many years. The same is true for DDD.
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