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…now my turn:

Please continue to add your counter-arguments. I love them. However, please do not expect me to accept them.

So, keep up the negative crap...I love it! I can refute every word of it…

This was is a snip of your response to my initial posting in the 'What Mortgage Crisis?' tread —(it was the second one that you take such issue with now). It is not my intention to personally attack you, or your beliefs and I do not want to be, or consider myself to be, in a contest with you for approval, recs., or anything else. However, it is always apparent that you have no time and little respect for those who disagree with you, or have a different spin than you. This is obvious from your vocabulary (So, keep up the negative crap...) and one might be forgiven for thinking it indicative of a closed mind and sense of superiority. I don't really care if you accept my counter-arguments, I'm writing to the board in general; I have no interest in trying to convince you of anything.

Screw you Mac! You cannot help yourself, you apparently feel that you must put some negative hype into everything you write... "If indeed you have". Where do you get off implying that I am lying?

This is a pretty extreme reaction to what I wrote. I don't put 'some negative hype' into everything I write, everything I write is (hopefully) reasonably well considered. Because a point of view doesn't jive with yours doesn't make it wrong or negative. As far as implying that you were lying is concerned; if that's the inference you took from what I said, I'm sorry, but when someone is as passionate and dogmatic about something as you are — a method, in this case — it's easy to unconsciously feel the results are superior, or view them more positively than someone without a vested interest might do; not that I'm saying you do, I have no way of knowing that.

What is surprising is that you should take so much offense to my post and the fact that a substantial number of people showed their approval by their recs. My assumption, given that you are (seemingly) so sure of your own rightness and the infallibility of what price CAGRs tell you was that it would be 'water off a duck's back.' Clearly instead you feel threatened and marginalized — which leads me to think that perhaps a great deal of your rhetoric is bluster, and underneath, you aren't so secure and convinced of your opinions as you would like everybody to think. To quote the Bard: "Me thinks he protest too much."

And about Merck. You are the liar. Merck was not a gamble. It was not a risky proposition. It was like money in the bank to me because Merck is a great company with great management. The whole Merck situation came down to fairness and I truly believed that Merck was going to be fair. The rest was Wall Street negative hype. I wrote about it right here. Wall Street over-sold the idea of huge settlements. They were not to be...but I knew that at the time. I am not using hindsight. I knew to buy Merck...and I did

Not content to accuse me of calling you a liar, you feel compelled to call me one as well. This is too much; you can't seem to see the difference between an opinion and an absolute. And no, I again say you are wrong in your sense of inevitability with your Merck investment. If the individual cases had gone badly against Merck, with multi-million dollar verdicts in every case they would have been forced into a huge class-action settlement or the expense of being slowly bled to death. However misguided and unjust lawsuits can be, their outcome is anything if not predictable. Take the asbestos litigation debacle for instance: in this industry several good companies with great and honest management were forced into bankruptcy who also fought on a case by case basis at first, just as Merck did. Is litigation over a drug a better bet than litigation over asbestos?

By the way, read what Washington Mutual management has said.

What have they said? Why don't you share it with the board as this is a low CAGR stock and one of your purchases. But to the best of my knowledge they have side-stepped the direct question as to wether the dividend is safe; which means it probably isn't; which means there is probably a better buying opportunity ahead. But I already said this.

If you want to buy into the cynical manipulation, keep on recing Kelbon's posts for "Best of the day" status. If you buy his story that I am the liar, stop reading this board.

This sounds a bit like a petulant child who is threatening to leave the party, or saying 'you can't come and play at my house if you like kelbon.' This is unworthy of a grown intelligent man. In fact, you've already convinced chrud that this is the case: (the petulant child who might leave the party bit.)

Yes, some times my posts are counter arguments to your posts, and they are posted because I believe what you are writing is either wrong or misleading and I am trying to introduce some balance. These posts are just my personal opinion —not an attack on you! Although you say you welcome counter arguments, you clearly don't if they appear to be persuasive to more than a handful of people — to such a extent that you stretch your already colorful vocabulary to abusive and hysterical lengths. Furthermore, my posts — and probably most other peoples — are not personally addressed to you; but open letters to the members and readers of the board.

Jim, you maybe the 'founder' as someone recently quipped, but it's not all about you. Have a good vacation.
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