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decath: ... it is clear he is over the top and wrong. You won't find many Republicans, conservatives or Christians supporting him.

That is so nice. Why are any supporting him?

Are you are aware that 10's of millions of people in the continent of Africa have been raped, mutilated and enslaved over the past couple of decades, most by Muslim worlords. They especially like to target Christian, more peace loving villages like [in] Sudan.

I am well aware that Africa is awash in violence, including rape. Yes, the situation in Sudan is dire, but the total population of Sudan is only 35 million, and barely 3% (about a million) are Christian. Most of the victims of rape in Sudan are not Christian at all.

By many accounts, South Africa, Congo, and Nigeria have ongoing epidemics of rape. Their populations are 50, 165, and 70 million, and they are 80%, 95%, and 50% Christian, respectively. There is no question that a lot of Christians are being raped in Africa -- mostly by other Christians.

Perhaps the worst rape epidemic anywhere in the world is in Congo, where a recent estimate places the rate at one per minute. Remember, this huge country is 95% Christian.

Of course no one really knows the true rates of rape in any of these countries. Official statistics are often ridiculous. However, it is very well known that rape skyrockets in times of civil war, everywhere in the world -- even the USA*. Remember all those Albanian women who were raped by Serbian men during that civil war? Are you aware that those Albanian victims were Muslim, while their Serbian attackers were Christian?

I hold no brief for domestic violence and rape, wherever it occurs, but I think your understanding of Muslim culture is clouded by slanted news. My years spent living in a Muslim country (Pakistan) leads me to believe that Muslim culture is being unfairly demonized by some opportunistic politicians who want to score cheap points. It is all too easy to scare people with stories of boogeymen in faraway places.

decath: I read the AF board and you all compare us to Taliban murderers, painting all of us with a broad brush. Do you guys ever stop to think that we are actually people on the otherside of your hate?

Gee, I must have hit a nerve. I do hope that you are human, with human feelings, and that you will express your humanity by working to prevent people like Charlie Fuqua from running for office under the once-humane banner of the Republican Party.

Mahatma Gandhi -- *not* a Muslim -- was once asked what he thought of western civilization. He replied, "I think it would be a good idea!".

And then too, there is this from Robert Burns:

O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!


* Rape in the US Civil War:

Rape in South Africa:

Rape in Congo:

Rape in Nigeria:
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