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DHatch wrote:
It does not seem right, but I do not know what, if anything, can realistically be done about it at this point in time. Until social security is sufficiently separated so that the politians can no longer count the receipts to "balance" the budget and claim spurious "surplusses" which they then feel they can waste as pork so as to remain in office, there probably will be nothing done which has any real meaning.

Nothing that makes any difference will be accomplished until Social Security and everything like it is abolished.

Unfortunately, in all probability, nothing will be done until the social security programs begin to approach real deficits. At that time there will probably be a rush to dissassociate the budget from social security and that may be the only time when the problem can be addressed politically with any hope of realism even entering the picture.

The issue must not be dealt with politically, or nothing will change. The system must be abolished.

In the meantime, take some comfort in the fact that, unlike too many other programs, your money is not totally being wasted and is benefiting many people who relied upon the system to provide something when they became less capable of competing in the work force. This also tends to open up to younger people some jobs which might not otherwise be available. So, it is not all bad, just a bit unfair to you at this time.

In other words, money that I earned, in willing, fair, and honest exchange for my own ability and precious time from my life that can never be replaced, is being taken from me at the point of a gun and given to others who did not earn it. I am being forced to give a portion of my life to someone else in return for nothing. Didn't that used to be called slavery?

Did these people not know that someday they would become "less capable of competing in the work force" (as you put it - I think it's insulting to them to call it that). They knew it. Did they not plan for such a day? Apparently they did not. So I am to be forced to pay for their lack of foresight? By what right?

From your own point of view, realise that, even though you personally might not need to draw any benefits, there is some solace in knowing that something might be available to you should your situation ever change.

I don't ask anyone else to give any part of their lives to me, either, unless they want to, and then only in exchange for fair value. If I get anything from Social Security (and I am convinced I will not, because it cannot survive for long, even if "modified" in any of the usually proposed manners) I will consider it return of what was taken from me. I am only sorry that what is rightfully mine won't be taken back from those to whom it was given without my consent, but will be taken from others to whom nothing was or will be given in return. For that reason, I may refuse to participate. What right have I to be one of the slave drivers?

From my point of view, I wish to thank you and others for your contributions which should provide a modest benefit to which I have earned entitlement over many often hard years and which I fully intend to draw upon for as long as I am able to do so.


This is the armed robber thanking his victim. Don't you DARE ever, EVER forget that I'm not giving you anythng willingly, you are using the gummint as your thug to take it from me. There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for pretending it's anything other than that.

What happens to me if I don't want to pay, because I don't think anyone else has a right to any portion of my life? I get fined. And if I refuse to pay the fine, for the same reason? Eventually, gun-toting gummint agents forcibly take me to jail, and other gummint agents forcibly take my possessions. Without the gummint agents, how would you get my money, which represents my life and what I have done with it? You would have to rob me at gunpoint. Why is it different if you hire gummint agents to do it for you? The difference is only that between robbery and extortion.

Please vote as your conscience dictates, but do keep in mind that to vote other than REPUBLICAN is to in part endorse the activities of our current president who has done so much to shame our country in the eyes of the world.

So the only alternative is to vote DEMOCRAT? Well, no. One could vote LIBERTARIAN, or INDEPENDENT, or another "third party." Or one could not vote at all. If you vote, you're saying "whatever the winner does is OK with me, because I'm participating in the process that allows such to happen." By not voting, one is refusing to sanction the system that steals part of one's life in the form of involuntary taxes.

But what do I know?

You know that it's wrong, although you may have chosen to refuse to admit it to yourself.

Politically, I personally may be just a bit to the right of Ghengis Khan and often somewhat dated in my point of view.

"To the right?" Hardly, if you think Social Security is something benevolent.

How sad that men have come to believe such as you propose. Or is it more than just sad?

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