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So glad I am not at a point in life that I have to worry about diapers. When my children were in diapers, I started with cloth diapers because it was much cheaper. My daughter had more rashes with the cloth diapers than the plastic disposable. Back then I didn't think about all those nasty diapers in landfills. But practically speaking, since I worked full time and disposable were better for her, I changed to those expensive, disposable diapers.

Chemical Plant Explosions In Japan Could Cripple Global Diaper Production, Begs The Question ‘What Exactly Are Diapers Made Of?’

Osaka, Japan – Dozens of people were injured and one firefighter killed in the Hyogo Prefecture during a series of chemical explosions at a plant in Japan on Saturday, officials report. Nippon Shokubai Co.’s plant in Himeji produced acrylic acid, a key ingredient in a resin used in diapers.
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