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Hi all,

So Saturday afternoon I'm at B-day party on a farm south of here where a former neighbor from Philly resides. Haven't been there for a year. This time, the girl, Anna, had her parents show up as well as her two brothers. My sister and mother where there too. We are all from the big city, born and raised, so going to a farm is a relatively new enjoyable experience for all of us.

The last time I was there, nearly a year ago, they had a baby "cow" lots of goats, a couple of pigs, four dogs. We simply opened the gate, pressed up next to it so no goats could wiggle out of the pen, then fastened the gate with the bunji cord. Okay, so....why not pay a visit to the goats and cow? There they are, about 40-50 yards away, towards the back of the farm. I go in, squeeze through the gate, start putting the bunji chord on and I hear Anna's brother Jason screaming "John!! The Cow!!!!!" I look at him still with my back toward the animals because you have to do that to close the gate. I stand there, look at him and shrug as if to say "so??? I did this last year". Again he screams "The Cow! get out of there!!!! This time he's joined by two more voices, so I realize he's NOT kidding. I turn arround and this thing is heading in my direction quickly! Hey, wait a minute, this isn't the same cow as last year, this one is 500+ pounds and has small horns sticking out of the top of it. I turn my back to it once again FRANTICALLY trying to untie the bunji cord and get out of there! Meanwhile, from the screams, I am thinking this "cow" closed the gap. I hear "JUMP THE FENCE!!! JUMP THE FENCE!!!!" and I finally undo the bunji and close the gate behind me. It was then I turned and noticed that this "cow" was a LOT bigger than before. I turn back around to the house and Jason says "John! It was CHARGING YOU!!" and in my best inner city tough guy routine I shruged and said: "and what was he gonna do??" we both started laughing.

I reached over the fense to pet it and it licked my hand. Meanwhile, after speaking to Anna's husband, I found out it was the same "cow" only it isn't a cow, it's a castrated BULL!!! It's just over a year old and was raised with goats. Kirk, Anna's hubby opens the gate, walks in and shoves this thing with his foot. They yells "AAAARRRGHHHH!!!" and the bull ran away. He tells me the bull is a big baby. Funny, a while later, people were coming out of the house to see what the commotion was. Anna's father, who is a skinny elderly Asian man, went into the pen, took off his sweater and played "toro" with the bull until it actually starte toward him and he ran out of the gate. Later, after the kids and adults where petting the bull on the safe side of the fence, we all went back into the house...and this thing was mooooing it's disapproval. The whole episode was very funny. After all of that, this bull missed us. I went into the house, to the downstairs area and said to my mom "Mom? I'm glad you missed that would have been a nervous wreck!"
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