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[Periodically revised and reposted.]

Here's a list of more than 80 investing-related discussion boards in Fooldom. You're probably not aware of most of them, so take a few minutes, if you're so inclined, and scroll all the way down, to see if any look interesting to you.

Some of the boards aren't too busy. If so, and they're for a topic you're interested in, post a message or two anyway, as it might help attract more readers and responders. For every new board to thrive, it needs a few people to take a chance and start a discussion. Oftentimes, a board does have a bunch of followers -- they're just not speaking up, as they don't think anyone else is there.

One good strategy is to scan through the list, clicking in and out of various boards. When you click into a promising board, click the red heart to make it one of your favorite boards. Then you can go back later to read through it at your convenience and see if you like it. Keeping it as a favorite will remind you to drop in now and then, and you'll see when new unread messages are posted there, too.



An even-better-than-this directory of our boards:

Boards for thousands of individual stocks:

Boards for lots of industries:

Boards for lots of managing-your-money topics:

Investing Beginners:

Investing For Couples:

Certificates of Deposit (CDs):

Retire Early:

Retirement Investing:

Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) Wannabees:

Advisors and Newsletters:

Dividend Growth Investing:

Grape's Fisher Kings:

The Foolish Collective:

Foolish Collective Projects:

The BMW Method:

Elflord's Parking Lot:

Peter Lynch Investing:

Benjamin Graham:

Drip Investing -- The Basics:

Drip Investing -- Companies:

NAIC Stock Selection Guide:

Index Funds:

Mutual Funds:

Foolish 401(k)s:

Investing Software:

Portfolio Management:

Fools and Their Money:

Investment Clubs:

Venture Capital:

Take Stock with Ellis Traub:

Tax Strategies:

Boring Stocks:

Reading Financial Statements:

Terms, Definitions and Jargon:

Sarbanes-Oxley Act:

Socially Responsible Investing:

Foolish Globalization:

Letter-writing Fools [letters to companies]:

Value Investing:

Turnarounds / Value Investing:

Valuation Strategies:

Liquid Lounge:

My Dumbest Investment:

My Smartest Investment:

Low P/E Stocks:

It's Earnings that Count:

Green Gene Stocks (Cash-heavy companies):

Small-cap Investing:

Selling Strategies:

Discount Brokers:

The Intelligent Investor (about the classic book):

Security Analysis -- The Book:

CFA Study Group:

CFP Study Group:

Ahlgren Ecomonics:

l'union fait la force:

Elric Seven's [Biotech] Research Corner:

Real Estate and REITs:


Martian Chronicles:

Security Analysis -- the Book:

George Gilder:

Sustainable Business:

Armchair Economist:

The Cambridge Group:

Mechanical Investing:

Mechanical Value Research:

Foolish Workshop:

CANSLIM Investing:

Communion of Bears:

Communion of Bulls:

Rule Breaker Strategy:

Rule Breaker Beginners:

Rule Breaker Companies:

Rule Maker Strategy:

Rule Maker Beginners:

Rule Maker Companies:

Foolish Eight (Small-caps):

Bonds and Fixed-income Investments:

Junk Bonds:

Investing for Income:

New Paradigm Investing:

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

China Connection:

The India Board:

Rat's Survival Alternatives:

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs):

Stock Splits:

Shorting Stocks:

Fundamental Long-term Shorts:

Great Screens:

Investment Tips and Experiences:

Fool Ratio (PEG):

Shareowner Rights:

Business Models:

Annual Shareholder Meeting Reports:

Shareholder Proposals:

Daytrading -- The Devil's Den:

Miscellaneous Investing Strategies:

Position Trading:

Wade Cook Investing:

Foolish Four:

High Return Discussions:

Short-term Trading:

The Battle for Business Ethics:

Disciplined Investing:

Bombardier (Corp.) Community:

Unbiased Wal-Mart Talk:
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