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[Expanded since the last edition, with c. 260 boards listed]

Below is a long, long, long list of boards worthy of many people's attention. It's not comprehensive, but perhaps you'll stumble upon a few interesting nooks or crannies. (Some of these boards are woefully neglected -- if so and they're for a topic you're interested in, post a message or two anyway, as it might help attract more readers. For every new board to thrive, it needs a few people to take a chance and start a discussion.)

One good strategy is to scan through the list, clicking in and out of various boards. When you click into a promising board, click the red heart to make it one of your favorite boards. Then you can go back later to read through it at your convenience and see if you like it. Keeping it as a favorite will remind you to drop in now and then.

I encourage you to scroll through to the end of this long post. The 67th or 82nd boards might be of great interest to you -- you never know!

Apologies in advance for the hundreds of interesting boards I've neglected to list. Feel free to list more -- especially on the first board below:

New Boards, Notable Boards:






Foolish Elves -- Random Acts of Kindness:

742 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons):

Calvin & Hobbes M.C.S.:

African-American Fools:

General Aviation:

Fool Pilots:

Current Events:

Humor and Urban Legends:

The Jester Board (for original humor):

Boring Stocks:

Consumer Credit / Credit Cards

Annual Shareholder Mtg. Reports:

Card & Board Games:

Computer Games:

Scrabbling Fools:

Chess Board of Fury:

HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange) Game:

Death and Grieving

Funerals and Cemeteries:


Gay, Out, Loud, Proud:

Great Movies:

Foreign Films:

DVDs and More:

The Eclectic Library (non-business books):

Mystery Lovers:

Book Club (fiction, poetry, drama):

Book Club (non-fiction):

Single Fools:


Lively Discussions:

Television Banter:

"Survivor" (the TV show):

Jerry Springer's Flying Chairs:


Beekeeping Fools:

Good News:

Headache Help and Commiseration:


Quitting Smoking:

Quitting Drinking:

Fools Fighting Fat:

Low-Carb Dieting:

Depression/Bipolar Disorders:

Quitting Gambling:

Quitting Nailbiting:

Recovery in AA/NA:


Learning English:

Aspiring Writers:

Poems and Quotes:

Words, Words, Words:



Language Use and Abuse:

Pet Peeves:

Surviving Cancer:

Crohn's Support Board:

Fools with Sleep Disorders:

Fools with Seizure Disorders:

The Environment:

Jewish and Foolish:

Christian Fools:

Catholic Fools:


Fools for Christ:

Bible Studies Daily:

Foolish Latter-day Saints:

Tibetan Buddhist Master Board:

Buddhist Fools:

Religion - All About It:

Fools in Interfaith Marriages:

Athiest Fools:

Agnostic/Deist Fools:

Pagan Fools:

Creation vs. Evolution:

Arminian Theology

Reformed Theology

Creation vs. Evolution:

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

LASIK Eye surgery: Worth It?


Math Recreations and Puzzles:

Rollercoaster Loving Fools:


Living Under Bankruptcy:

Hockey Fans:

Wrestling Talk:

Shooting, Hunting, Guns

Volleyball - Recreational:

Running Fools:

Bicycling Fools:

Foolish Hiking:



Paddling Fools (canoes, kayaks, etc.):

SCUBA Diving Fools:


Major League Baseball:

77's Foolish House of Pigskin:

College Hoops:

NBA Discussions:

715's All Sports:

Gamblin' Fools:

Recreational Blackjack: Beginners:

Millionaire Fools:

Fools Under $35K:

Star Trek:


Crafty Fools:

Ex-pat Fools:

Fools Down Under:

Canada (General):

Beer-loving Fools (on the enjoyment of beer):


Beer brewing for Fools:

Help with this STUPID computer!

Apple Users' Group:

Linux User's Group:

Baby Boomers:

Investing Beginners:

Investing For Couples:

Living with Disabilities:

Military Fools:

Military Brats:


Horse Racing:

Pet Lovers:

Estate Planning and the Fool:

Retire Early:

Retirement Investing:

Retired Fools:

Self-Employed Fools:

Starting a Business:

This Job Sucks:

Ask the Headhunter:

Foolish Doctors:

Foolish Law Students:


Wall Streeters:

Professional Financial Planners:

Finding a Financial Advisor:


Faculty & Staff of Higher Ed.:

The Value of Education:

Teens and Their Money:

Fools Under 20:

College Fools:

Just Out of College Fools:

Graduate Students

College After 40:

Paying Back Student Loans:

Women & Investing:

Woman's Own

Dumpster Divers:

Best Travel Spots/Tips:

RVing Fools:

Cars and Drivers:

Buying and Maintaining a Car:

It's a Jeep Thing:

Mobile Homes/Trailers/Doublewides:

Rural and Country Living:

Buying / Maintaining a Home:

The Renters' Corner:

Interior Design/Decorating:

The Wedding Chapel

Newlywed Fools:

Newlywed Couples:


Get Organized!

Cheap Air Fares:


Health and Nutrition:

Health and Physical Fitness:

Weight-lifting Fools:

Rants and Rambles:

Music & Musicians:

Rock 'n' Roll:

The Beatles:


Foolish Musicians:


Parents and Expecting Parents:

Adoption (kids, not technology):

Single Parents:

Cute Kid Stories:

Aging and Infirm Parents:

Choosing Not To Have Kids:


Stay at Home Moms and Dads:

Parents of Autistic Children:

Parents of Gifted Kids:

Political Asylum:

Conservative Fools:

Liberal Fools:

Raging Moderates:

Libertarian Fools:

Foodies -- Fine dining fans:


The Gestalt of Cooking:

Quick and Easy Recipes/Cooking:

Coffee Loving Fools:

Fine Art of BBQ:

Vegetarian and Vegan Fools:

The Wine Cellar:



Wireless & Mobile Buyer's Guide:

Wireless World:

Artificial Intelligence:

Palms, PDAs and Handheld Computing:

Optical Networking World:

Mastering Quicken:

Mastering Microsoft Money:

FrozenCanuck's Fiberhead Friends:

Fuel Cells and the 21st Century:

Fuel Cell Primer:

Ask a Foolish Waiter:

Coupons 'n' More:

SETI Fools:

Behavioral Economics/Psychology:


Philosopher's Corner:

Philosophical Thought:

Gravity and Other Grand Ideas:

Life, the Universe and Everything:

Old Stock Certificate Mysteries:

Living Deliberately:

Living Below Your Means:

Living Beyond Your Means:

Living Under Bankruptcy:

Understanding Your Credit Report:

Tax Strategies

Renewable Energy:

Estate Planning:

Peter Lynch Investing:

Grape's Fisher Kings:

CFA Study Group:

Ahlgren Ecomonics:

l'union fait la force:

Elric Seven's [Biotech] Research Corner:

Security Analysis -- the Book:

George Gilder:

Sustainable Business:

Armchair Economist:

The Cambridge Group:

Martini Club:

Martian Chronicles:

Shelbyboy's Front Porch:

Porto's Front Porch:


Aruba's Isle of Revenge:

Hype & Hysteria:

The Graveyard Shift:

Fool Treasure Hunt:

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Selena --

You totally rock!!!!

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Selena Thanks, it's great to see your board in the list!!!!

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Apologies in advance for the hundreds of interesting boards I've neglected to list. Feel free to list more

Ok, how about the "Real Estate and REITs" board?

I find it curious that the board was omitted, considering this quote from TMFTwitty:

This board is considered a crown jewel by many in Fool senior management, and is known outside of Fooldom as one of the best boards available on the Internet.

I guess it's just not that well known inside Fooldom. ;-)

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<<I guess it's just not that well known inside Fooldom. ;-)>>

No, I know about it. :) For many years, even... back to the MF Yorick days!

I probably should have included it, but for whatever reason, I've been trying to not list too many investing-related boards and definitely no stock boards, as that could double the list's length in a hurry. But perhaps I should have included a few more industry-related boards, and the REIT board ( would have been a great one to include. Next time! :)

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"77's Foolish House of Pigskin:"

Thanks......I've made the cut again!!!!!

The one thing I'm proud about my board is the fact that (to a point), I am unbiased. Sure, I hoot for the Raiders, but face up if they play bad. So, this isn't so much a "rah-rah" board, but be ready to face up if you team loses. (Hey, I have a long suffering Bengals fan for a long time in there, so don't feel bad).

The flow is simple- NCAA & NFL. NCAA, I do my OWN rankings (since most of the polls stink) each week & I name Players of the Week. For the NFL, we hope to do more predictions this year & give you a shot to play "Coach" by giving out a "Gameball" to a player each week (NOTE: this year, I'll limit it to only one per week. If you give 2, be ready to say why. Also, try not to give one to the same guy more than once in a season).

Look forward to some new faces. Thanks again, Selena!!!


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Hi Selena,

I would like to suggest the Foolish Collective RM 2001 board for the next update as it is fairly active and has a focus of nurturing those new to stock research.

Best Regards
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<<I would like to suggest the Foolish Collective RM 2001 board for the next update as it is fairly active and has a focus of nurturing those new to stock research.>>

Great suggestion, Philip!

I do have it featured prominently in this list of investing-related boards:

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