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[Periodically revised and reposted.]

Explore some discussion boards that are new to you! You never know what new things you'll learn, what new friends you'll make, what kinds of new little communities you'll help build.

Below is a long, long, long list of boards worthy of many people's attention. It's not comprehensive, but perhaps you'll stumble upon a few interesting nooks or crannies. Some of these boards are woefully neglected -- if so and they're for a topic you're interested in, post a message or two anyway, as it might help attract more readers. For every new board to thrive, it needs a few people to take a chance and start a discussion. Oftentimes, a board does have a lot of followers -- they're just not speaking up, as they don't think anyone else is there.

One good strategy is to scan through the list, clicking in and out of various boards. When you click into a promising board, click the red heart to make it one of your favorite boards. Then you can go back later to read through it at your convenience and see if you like it. Keeping it as a favorite will remind you to drop in now and then, and you'll see when new unread messages are posted there, too.

I encourage you to scroll through to the end of this long post. The 111th and 52nd boards might be of great interest to you -- you never know!

Apologies in advance for the hundreds of interesting boards I've neglected to list. Feel free to list more -- especially on the first board below.



An even-better-than-this directory of our boards:

New Boards, Notable Boards:

Product Reviews and Opinions:

Foolish Consumer Advocates:




Digital Video Fools:




Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging:

Foolish Elves -- Random Acts of Kindness:

African-American Fools:

General Aviation:

Fool Pilots:

Model Railroads:

Current Events:


SARS Effects:

Humor and Urban Legends:

The Jester Board (for original humor):

Consumer Credit / Credit Cards

Pen Pal Fools:

Toastmasters -- Public Speaking:

Magic and Magicians:

Card & Board Games:

The Puzzle Board:

On Tilt (Poker, Hold 'Em):

Computer Games:

Sim/Strategy/PC Games:


Fantasy Football:

"Earth and Beyond" Gamers:

Scrabbling Fools:

Chess Board of Fury:

HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange) Game:

Death and Grieving

Funerals and Cemeteries:


Estate Planning and the Fool:


Non-profit Organizations:

Gay, Out, Loud, Proud:

Seeking Emotional Maturity:

Great Movies:

Foreign Films:

DVDs and More:

“The Matrix”:

Art and Such, not Movies:

The Comic Book Reader:

The Eclectic Library (non-business books):

General Book Discussion:

Mystery Lovers:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books:

Insomnia -- Stephen King Discussions:

Sirius Black's Muggle Friends (Harry Potter discussions):

Lord of the Rings:

Book Club (fiction, poetry, drama):

Book Club (non-fiction):

Selling Books and Stuff Online (e.g. via, eBay, etc.):

Dave's Library Exchange:

Crossword Puzzle Fools:

Single Fools:


Polyamory Fools:

Lively Discussions:

Netflix User Group:

Television Banter:

Reality Television:

“Big Brother” Fools:


"The Amazing Race":

"American Idol":

“Adult Swim” Cartoons:

Twenty-Four (the TV show "24"):

742 Evergreen Terrace ("The Simpsons"):

South Park:

The City of Townsville ("Power Puff Girls"):

The Bada Bing Club ("The Sopranos"):

Emerald City (for the TV show "OZ"):

M*A*S*H -- Home of the 4077th:

Monty Python Fans:

Jerry Springer's Flying Chairs:

"American Chopper" & "Monster Garage":

Radio Restoration and Repair:

Calvin & Hobbes M.C.S.:


Beekeeping Fools:

The B-man's Beekeeping Beeyard:

Numismatic (Coin and money collecting) Fools:

Philatelist Phools:

Contests & Sweepstakes:

Inventions, Gizmos and Gadgets:

Good News:

Headache Help and Commiseration:


Blowing (Cigar) Smoke:

Quitting Smoking:

Quitting Drinking:


Fools Fighting Fat:

Weighty Matters:

Low-Carb Dieting:

The Zone Diet:

Quitting Gambling:

Quitting Nailbiting:

Recovery in AA/NA:

Voluntary Simplicity:


Learning English:

Aspiring Writers:

Poems and Quotes:

Words, Words, Words:



Language Use and Abuse:

Living with Disabilities:

Living on Disability:

Fools Against Depression:

Depression/Bipolar Disorders:

Surviving Cancer:

Cancer Prevention and Treatment:

Testicular Cancer:

Diabetic Fools:

Crohn's Support Board:

Aphasia Support:

Fools with Chronic Conditions:

Fools with Sleep Disorders:

Fools with Seizure Disorders:

The Environment:

Inspirational Posts:

Spiritual Encouragement:

Faith in a Post-modern World:

Jewish and Foolish:

Christian Fools:

Christians and Politics:

Catholic Fools:


Hindu Fool:

Fools for Christ:

Bible Studies Daily:

Scriptural Encouragement:

"Chosen to Accept" (Predestination vs. choosing):

Foolish Latter-day Saints:

Tibetan Buddhist Master Board:

Buddhist Fools:

Religion - All About It:

God of the Week:

Fools in Interfaith Marriages:

Atheist Fools:

The Theist/Atheist Dialogs

Atheist Ideas:

Agnostic/Deist Fools:

Pagan Fools:

Creation vs. Evolution:

Arminian Theology

Reformed Theology

Creation vs. Evolution:

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

LASIK Eye surgery: Worth It?


Math Recreations and Puzzles:

Rollercoaster Loving Fools:


Hockey Fans:

Wrestling Talk:


Shooting, Hunting, Guns

Guns for Sport and Protection:

Volleyball - Recreational:

Running Fools:

Bicycling Fools:

Foolish Hiking:

Walking Fools:



Paddling Fools (canoes, kayaks, etc.):

SCUBA Diving Fools:



Olympic Games:

Major League Baseball:

77's Foolish House of Pigskin:

Dallas Cowboys:

Football/Soccer Discussions:

College Football:

College Hoops:

NBA Discussions:

715's All Sports:

Gimme My Sports:

Gamblin' Fools:

Recreational Blackjack: Beginners:

Millionaire Fools:

Fools Under $35K:

All Things Sci-Fi:

Star Trek:


Crafty Fools:


Horse Sense:

Ex-pat Fools:

Resident Aliens:

Fools Down Under:

Canada (General):

The Great Foolish North (Canada, non-investing):

Beer-loving Fools (on the enjoyment of beer):


Beer brewing for Fools:

Great Gift-giving Ideas:

Help with this STUPID computer!

iPod Living:

Apple Users' Group:

Linux User's Group:

Baby Boomers:

Military Fools:

Military Brats:


Horse Racing:

Just Pets -- No Politics:

Pet Lovers:

Pet Haters:

Pet Groomers:

Pet Peeves:

Retired Fools:

Self-Employed Fools:

Starting a Business:

This Job Sucks:

Ask the Headhunter:

Employment Networking:

Unemployment Blues:

Freelancing Fools:

Foolish Doctors:

Foolish Law Students:


CPA Fools:



Wall Streeters:

Professional Financial Planners:

Finding a Financial Advisor:

Marketing, Advertising, PR:

Hook's Nook for Coders (Programming):

Doing Business Online:


Faculty & Staff of Higher Ed.:

The Value of Education:

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens:

Teens and Their Money:

Fools Under 20:

College Fools:

Just Out of College Fools:

Graduate Students

College After 40:

Grown Up Fools Back in School:

Paying Back Student Loans:

Geezer Fools:


Women & Investing:

Woman's Own

Dumpster Divers:

What to Wear:

Best Travel Spots/Tips:

Cheap Air Fares:

Vegas, Baby, Vegas:

Disney Vacations / DVC:

RVing Fools:

Cars and Drivers:

Buying and Maintaining a Car:

SUVs: Love 'em, Hate 'em?:

SUV's: Happiness or Horror?

Road Rage:

It's a Jeep Thing:

Motorcycle Freedoms:

Mobile Homes/Trailers/Doublewides:

Rural and Country Living:

Buying / Selling a Home:

Building / Maintaining a Home:

Old Tool Collecting:

The Renters' Corner:

Interior Design/Decorating:

The Wedding Chapel

Newlywed Fools:

Newlywed Couples:


Foolish Step Families:

Get Organized!



Health and Nutrition:

Health and Physical Fitness:

Zen - Qigong - Yoga etc.:

Martial Arts:

Women's Health Issues:

Foolish Fitness:

Weight-lifting Fools:

Powerlifting Fools:

Rants and Rambles:

Dance Lessons:

Music & Musicians:

Classical Music and Musicians:

Guitar Players:


Karaoke Nation:

I Survived the '80s:

Rock 'n' Roll:

The Beatles:


Foolish Musicians:

Help with this Stupid Spouse:

Mothers and Daughters:

Infertility/Fertility Issues:


Parents and Expecting Parents:

Parenting Teens and Young Adults:

Parents of an Only Child:

Adoption (kids, not technology):


Family Fool:

Single Parents:

Cute Kid Stories:

Aging and Infirm Parents:

Taking Care of Parents:

Choosing Not To Have Kids:



Stay at Home Moms and Dads:

Parents of Autistic Children:

Parents of Gifted Kids:

Social Security Reform:

Political Asylum:

Celebrity Death Match (for arguments):

Conservative Fools:

Liberal Fools:

Raging Moderates:

Extremists United:

Libertarian Fools:

U.S. Government Economic Issues:

Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune:

Fools for [Howard] Dean:

Mish's Political Quagmire:

The Politics of Energy:

Ayn Rand:

Foodies -- Fine dining fans:


The Gestalt of Cooking:

Quick and Easy Recipes/Cooking:

Eating and Cooking Healthier:

Coffee Loving Fools:

Fine Art of BBQ:

Vegetarian and Vegan Fools:

Organic Living

Archaeology Paleontology:

Talk Radio Fans:

The Wine Cellar:



Wireless & Mobile Buyer's Guide:

Wireless World:

Artificial Intelligence:

Palms, PDAs and Handheld Computing:

Optical Networking World:

Mastering Quicken:

Mastering Microsoft Money:

FrozenCanuck's Fiberhead Friends:

Fuel Cells and the 21st Century:

Fuel Cell Primer:

Ask a Foolish Waiter:

Coupons 'n' More:

SETI Fools:

Behavioral Economics/Psychology:


Psychics and Metaphysical Fools:

Dreams and Foolish Slumber:

Philosopher's Corner:

Philosophical Thought:

Gravity and Other Grand Ideas:

Life, the Universe and Everything:

Old Stock Certificate Mysteries:

Living Deliberately:

Moving Out of the Fast Lane:

Living Below Your Means:

Living Beyond Your Means:

LIVING: The "L" in LBYM:

Living Under Bankruptcy:

Understanding Your Credit Report:

Consumer Rap: Best Experiences:

Consumer Rap: Worst Experiences:

Tax Strategies

Renewable Energy:

Estate Planning:

Martini Club:

The Pub

Shelbyboy's Front Porch:

Porto's Front Porch:


Aruba's Isle of Revenge:

Zee's Home for Random Thoughts:

Hype & Hysteria:

Zoo Review:

The Graveyard Shift:

Fool Treasure Hunt:

Stellar Fools:

Annapoorna's Gift:

Ishtar's Gate:

Fallout Shelter:

Lackluster Slackerchat:

Wild's Trailer Park Kingdom:

RedMolly's Roadhouse:


A View from the Sticks:

The Doghouse:

Khalou's Korner:

Kansas City Fools:

Countess' Evil Empire:

The Board of Pure Evil:
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