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it seems this happens with allot of brokers specifically for individual bond holdings. i have a few thoughts as to why this occurs, but does anyone know why on the last day of the month if you logged into your account and looked at the real time values of your bond holdings as of the market close versus looking at the monthly account statement you get via PDF or paper, why the values are always different? your total account value of bond holdings could be off anywhere from 6%-12% between the two mediums. on a larger size account that is a huge difference.
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When a bond is actively traded and especially listed on an exchange, it is possible to quote a value based on last sale, but with otc bonds, the market value is probably estimated based on yield curves of other similar bonds. Those estimates are probably less frequent, perhaps once per day--probably at close.

Hence I would suspect that the value is the same at the moment your statement is prepared, probably at the close that day, but will vary somewhat from that number depending on market conditions at any other time.

But those numbers are only approximate anyway. It is doubtful you could actually sell a bond at the quoted price. The fine print tells you those numbers are for purposes of valuing your portfolio only.
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