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A quiet board and the stock is at a new high. Go figure...

Brave will cross the $500 million worldwide mark before this weekend. For 2012, it is #5 in the domestic market; #8 worldwide.

Looks like Dark Knight will fall $400 million short of the Avengers which remains #1 domestically and worldwide.

As big a stinker as John Carter was, it still is #18 worldwide. With a gross of $283 million, it did at least pass its production costs of $250 million.

Even though Spider-Man is a licensed movie franchise, it is a valuable one. It latest movie is #4 worldwide with a gross of $749 million. Less valuable is Ghost Rider. With a budget of $57 million, the movie made $133 million at the box office. It's #34 worldwide.

ESPN has a hot hand when it comes to the NFL. Last week, this was the news:

Last night’s ESPN Monday Night Football game – an Atlanta Falcons’ 27-21 victory over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos– helped ESPN win the night among all networks – broadcast or cable – in households, viewers and all key male and adult demos. Similarly, MNF led all television programs.

The game earned a 11.6 household coverage rating (10.0 US), representing an average of 11,411,000 households (15,514,000 viewers – P2+), the fourth largest audience among viewers (third among households) for any program on cable television in 2012, according to Nielsen.

And it isn't all NFL that has the cash register ringing at ESPN:

ESPN’s BCS National Championship Game (Alabama-LSU, 1/9/12) ranks as the most-viewed program of Nielsen’s year (24,214,000 viewers), followed by the network’s 2012 Rose Bowl (17,558,000 – Wisconsin-Oregon, 1/2/12) and ESPN’s 2011 MNF season-finale (15,638,000 – Atlanta-New Orleans, 12/26/11).

I watched last night's game -- and its unbelievable finish. You could feel ESPN milking the ending of the game and, to their credit, they delivered big ratings:

Here's an easy call: ESPN scored with its Green Bay-Seattle Monday Night Football.

What was really helped by what game announcer Mike Tirico called "the most bizarre finish you'll ever see" -- an apparent Green Bay interception that wasn't allowed in a game-deciding final play -- turned into a ratings bonanza for the 90-minute post-game SportsCenter at midnight ET.

It drew a 5.0 overnight. and that, says ESPN executive vice president NorbyWilliamson, makes it the most-watched SportsCenter ever.

Williamson, noting various ESPN announcers ripped the substitute officiating after Seattle's win, demonstrates "the clear separation" between ESPN's news shows and its business relationship with the NFL, which gets billions from ESPN in TV rights fees. And, says Williamson,

The game itself drew an 11.5 overnight rating. That's MNF's highest rating so far this season. It's actually down 3% from comparable Week 3 coverage of a Week 3 Washington-Dallas game last year, but that game drew MNF's highest overnight last season.

The grandson and I have Disney's Frankenweenie on our "To See' movie list. He is in for a surprise because our local theater now has D-Box technology.

The D-BOX Motion System generate 3 types of movements and intelligent vibrations: pitch, roll and heave, that move you forwards and backwards, from side to side and up & down and create an unmatched realistic immersive experience...

It will be interesting to see if he wants to see Disney's Wreck-It Ralph the same way. The cost for a child or a senior is $14.75 each. All others pay $17.75 each. It makes IMAX at $11.25/$12.25 look cheap...

Six Flags is trying to make theme park news:

Six Flags Great Adventure told The Associated Press on Thursday it is combining its animal safari with its amusement and water parks into one attraction that it claims will be the world’s largest theme park next year.

The big news next year will be the Magic Kingdom. Harry Potter juiced results at Universal but Disney, with four gated parks, is going to capitalize big time on the new Fantasyland. It is one reason that the stock is at an all-time high.

All the cash coming in will allow Disney to invest in Shanghai Disneyland's development, finish the 12 acre expansion in Hong Kong, and (maybe) get Phase 2 -- a second gated park -- started in Hong Kong, without having to make a trip to any bank.

Playdom is still sucking wind...

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That's a lot of Bronco fans, is all I can say.

Who can't imagine anyone tuning in to watch the Falcons...
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The stock is indeed at its high (in fact, is it an all-time high?). Been too long coming.

Disney should do two things: increase dividend (yes, again) and go back to a quarterly schedule. Then we might see $50 as a new hard support level.

The stock is probably overvalued in some respects, but if the company can keep the parks running smoothly, then it might deserve the valuation.

Another issue is Playdom, as you mentioned. The problem with Playdom is that it, like Facebook, might be sort of a fad in nature. The 'net changes so fast, as do people's methods of accessing games. Years ago, consoles ruled. Then handhelds. Then MMPORGS (or whatever the abbreviation is). Then mobile. Then free games on the PC. Now, it's sort of a combo between the latter. Investing in video games really isn't good for this company. Can Playdom simply be sold at a loss?
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Who can't imagine anyone tuning in to watch the Falcons...

The Falcons have the hottest QB in the league. And in the NFL it isn't a matter of fans of a team as much as people who bet on the game or people who have the players in the game on their Fantasy team.

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