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There are some words and website names that, when you leave spaces out of them or insert spaces in them, can make you cringe until you parse them right. Examples:

therapist, not the rapist = children's lit, not children slit

Any others?
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Here's a list from a link that was previously posted on this board:

1. Are you a celebrity or want to be one? Maybe you need an agent, lawyer, manager or publicist! Should you check out Who Represents to help you find an agent? Their website is at!

2. Experts Exchange is a resource and destination for programmers who are looking to swap tech information and generate helpful discussion. Unfortunately, no longer exists!

3. Are you shopping for a pen? Well then stop by Pen Island for some cool products. Hmmm…. where is that again? It’s at Wait, uh, this site is now defunct. Oh well.

4. Do you need to see a therapist? Did you know you can find one online? Then check out Therapist Finder at

5. And what about the Italian Power Generator company called These days, an unexciting “under construction” page is up.

6. Then there’s the Mole Station Native Nursery that’s located in New South Wales. is a redirect now.

7. If you want to shop for computer software, you can visit Get it?!

8. And what about First Cumming Methodist Church for the faithful. You’ll find them at

9. There’s a site by art designers that has the interesting name:

10. I love Lake Tahoe! So to do some research on this awesome vacation locale, I should check out the aptly named website:

I picked up that rather funny list from various sources including

As I was on a roll, here are more word derivations that I came across and checked out!

11. Another art site, but this can’t be anything but deliberate! Here it is:

12. You can find some therapist help over at

13. So I found an alternative to the defunct But it’s a t-shirt company definitely capitalizing on the notoriety of the original site. They are hawking pens and t-shirts, but so far only shirts are available. I wonder why.

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