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I am very new to the board... (joined today!)

I have been investing in the markets for about 3 years now.

Recently, I started wondering if it is worth having 2 accounts, one focused on dividend growth and another one for growth stocks? I feel sometimes like they are both different appraoches and this could help focus on each better.

What does everyone here do? Any reccomdendations, options, insight and opinions would be very apprecaited.

Thank you very much!

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You can have 2 separate accounts if you have enough money and have overlapping securities because many dividend growth stocks are also growth stocks. Some other possibilities are "aggressive growth" and "growth and income." I am still pretty new to investing as well but I learned a lot from this book called The Power Curve by scott kyle, highly recommend. The motley books are great too but this one focuses on dividend growth stocks and the use of options to hedge risk, I keep it nearby for reference all the time now.
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It sounds to me like you want to have separate accounts to focus so go with your gut.

It makes sense to me, and it makes sense to you. What are the chances that we're both nuts?

especially if it helps you become a better manager of your money, Do It. Whatever makes it fun and rewarding for you is exactly what you should do.

I have my own way of doing things that is my way, and you should develop yours. Your retirement will thank you for it later...

welcome to the fool, by the way. sorry this particular forum doesn't get a lot of traffic. I show up every couple months, but go back to the start of Motley Fool as an AOL discussion group.

DRIP investing is often not the hot spot ...
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