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Here's a good article from Morningstar on dividend yielding stocks.

Dividend-Paying Stocks Continue to Garner Attention
By Gaston F. Ceron

Not only does the author list the top 10 dividend-yielding stocks of their "ultimate stock pickers", but it touches on:

—The asset class of choice for many investors is still taxable low-yielding bonds.

—On the whole REITs, telecoms, utilities, and tobacco stocks are full valued.

—Why buy-backs are usually a poor substitute for dividends.

—Taxes on dividends and capital gains.

—The author's current favorite dividend stocks, and why: Chevron, General Mills, Royal Dutch Shell, and PSEG.

—The author's prime candidates for dividend cuts including: Pitney Bowes, RR Donnelly, Avon, and "specialty financials."

—What to expect for dividend payout increases going forward.

And, the top 10 dividend-yielding stocks of their "ultimate stock pickers" are:
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Wow, heavy on pharmaceuticals.

GSK,LLY,NVS,MRK,&PFE. I suppose you need these if you buy the products of PM?

At one time long ago after Hillary Care, PFE was our largest holding and MRK was not too far behind, but when it started to get closer to the patent expirations of both and the law suits of MRK, I unloaded. Recall that the all-time high of PFE was about $50/sh and MRK $100/sh. Whether the patent expiration of the PFE mega-blockbuster statin drug Lipitor has been totally been built into the stock price I have no idea. Now we have no stand alone pharmaceutical stocks although we have a lot of the Vanguard Health Care mutual fund. The individual pharmaceutical stocks are all too hazardous for me. I no longer know how to treat them, though for awhile we had some J&J, but that is gone too.

COP also used to be a favorite of mine at one time, but I unloaded when the possibility of a company split seemed in order. I don't know how to evaluate the split even today. I thought Phillips 66 was to be the refining division of COP, but it seems to be much more than that.

We have some Chevron (and Exxon) and General Mills plus a fair amount of INTC.

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