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NAIC - Nat. Assn. of Investors Corp., which is one of the prime movers in assisting investment clubs, has chosen a Stock to Study each month since 1952. They then track the performance of this stock on price from the time of reporting, to five years in the future. This has a very good track record. And I figure this is 500 Stock to Study selections now -- there are a few repeats, but not many.
They picked Donaldson in 1991 and it appreciated 18% annualized. They picked it again in 1998 and so far it has appreciated 17% annualized.
The annualized averages for all companies they selected to study is 14.2%.
I am trying to think of a reason not to get some Donaldson, so someone please enlighten me. :-)


PS If you want to read more, see their magazine "Better Investing" -- available at newstands.
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I have some Donaldson in a drip. I can't think of any reason not to pick some up. Unless you think the price is too high.
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