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dope..At what point does it become a baby?

BTW. I have a working theory: Most left wingers are chicken crap when it comes to the real details of the debate and will do anything to avoid answering tough questions.

You better do a little more work on your theory, I have repeatedly offered you a menu of topics that you have apparently found far too frightening to confront.

dopeI know. It's hard communicating with people who refuse to think.

You should try communicating with someone who not only refuses to think but refuses to communicate.

That aside, let me give the 'right to choose' issue a try.

First of all the overwhelming majority of people who are against a woman's right to choose do so on religious grounds. Therefor the abortion issue was simply one more battle for power and control in the greater culture war that you creationists and fundamentalist have just lost. The real issue was who would make society's rules and abortion rights became emblematic of the moralists who desire to dictate draconian twelfth century male dominance policies to women.

Control is the main issue; concern about fetuses or unborn babies is largely insincere but useful as a tactic by the raving righteous. Their false concern is revealed by their own hypocrisy:

1) They could care less about the needs of the child once it is born.

2) Their pro torture, pro death penalty, and pro war stances, don't seem consistent with pro life to me.

3) They choose to ignore the scientific reality that there are more than a thousand chemicals known to cause spontaneous abortions and they fight any attempt to control the application of these chemicals.

4) If a DNA sample could pre-natally establish that their child was going to be a gay atheist, they would be protesting for a woman's right to abort the work of the devil.

5) They don't seem too distressed about the fact that fertility clinics dumpstered unused embryos for years by the hundreds of thousands and I don't see Christian women volunteering their wombs for these embryos.

6) Half of fertilized eggs are lost by spontaneous abortion. I don't see any deity too concerned about that.

7) Their own deity didn't show a whit of concern for the millions of unborn he killed with a flood.

8) Their own book; Exodus 21:22 states that if a man causes a woman to have a miscarriage, he shall be fined; however, if the woman dies then he will be put to death.

It should be apparent from this that the aborted fetus is not considered a living human being since the resulting punishment for the abortion is nothing more than a fine.

9) And finally after God formed man in Genesis 2:7, He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then that the man became a living being”.

According to their own rule book. Although the man was fully formed by God in all respects, he was not a living being until after taking his first breath.

I rest my case.

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