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A proud new poster p[roclaims:
"my husband works for the baddest co. in Wisconsin. Ride On."
To whit Barney the Deputy writes:
"You mean the one that CLAIMS "Made In USA" and at the same time uses cylinder CASTINGS outsourced from all over the world?
Not to mention the wheel, the springs, the carb, probably the electronic stuff on them, mabe not the bars....THERE IS NO "MADE IN USA" claim that Harley should use...STOP LYING TO US AND THE WORLD HARLEY!!!! STOP IT!!!! oh but them union guys dont care just as long as they get their green...

I have sat back and not reacted to the slamming on American quality & its workers when on the 4th of July patriotic writings were criticized that we are loosing our edge, our leadership in the world, our leadership. But lately something has bothered me so I pulled loose thoughts together to see if it makes a difference for those of us who work studiously every day, some against many odds, to do the best we can in our assigned roles. Forgive me this long reactionary rant.

I tell you, the relentless rants that are personal regarding this matter and USA made quality in general make one wonder what great commercial endeavor this purple public servant is employed in that is so dominant. Surely he wouldn't be a hypocrite in that he would criticize Americans, union & non-union alike, for working their best to make products to the best of their ability regardless of often conflicting corporate management policies & directives while they simply try and eke out a decent living for their kids to be raised on while having an occasional brew and maybe taking a ride on their favorite scoot that most represents the image of their youth and of America today.

Let's see what things the USA dominates the world in that even he can't deny. These must be the pool of industries that he gains regular "green" from for which to pay for his ISP and change his synthetic oil every 1,000 miles or so.

Why, there is two; Oil companies and the Internet - industries started, developed and dominated by American companies. Dorkipups must work in one of those industries, ya think?

How about these other industrial leaders: GE, the largest industrial organization on earth since GM has been declining. Maybe he works for Generous Motors? Naah, that would mean he a part of the problem not the solution.

Maybe he is a private contractor putting it on the line, pay for performance only upon delivery, cover your own retirement and insurance's. Maybe the purple dinosaur works on one of these fine USA made products (without a doubt chock full of foreign content mind you) the F117 Stealth Fighter, F-111 Stealth Bomber, the M-1 Abraham's Tank, B-1 Bomber, F-16C fighter, the AV-8 US version Harrier, SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane, Cruise Missles, NASA? Naah, military clearance sorts out folks and he could never discuss such things.

What else do we dominate in?
The Space Shuttle, Boeing and their 747,767, 777, Intel, AMD, Oracle, MicroSoft, TI, the Cray Computer, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, RF Micro Devices - all the envy of the modern industrial world. The whole wireless industry (we invented GPS, the cell phone, microwave, BlueTooth, LEO low earth orbiting which enables many of these systems, Telstar, ComStat & satellite telephony) and sure chip manufacturing has moved onto foreign soil, people like Barney would not work in a non-union, low pay, high stress & demand production job that brings these devices down in price to make our products affordable.

And even Generous Motors is still the envy of Toyota, Ford too, they still are heads above the world in capacity and profits. They have bought some of the most prestigious auto companies in the world theirs is such a dominant position. Freightliner, Mack, Navistar who build more trucks that make product distribution in this country the lowest in the world.

John Deere - no one dominates automated crop equipment more. General Mills, Philip Morris and a host of other food processors feed the masses cheaply and abundantly based upon our farmers still to this day who still lead the globe in even rice production. The whole herbicide & pesticide industry that supports these growers allowing for less diesel per acre to no-till farm.

Pfizer, Amgen, Merck, American Home Products, GE for the MRI & other diagnostic devices. Mayo Clinic; the health industry in general is no where as advanced and leading as it is in the US.

Kodak still dominates although upon harder challenging times from digital. Chemical giants are globally unchallenged; DuPont, Dow and Union Carbide.

Our financial industry from Wall Street to banking such as CitiGroup to the insurance conglomerates like Hartford & Prudential are the envy of the world. Our colleges and universities are attended by every foreign countries best students for the total education they provide over their limited offerings at home.

It is easy to diss anything that presents a disappointment to us. In fact I believe it is healthy for it inspires continuous improvement, that which Deming himself taught to the Japanese. By the way, how is there economy Sheriff? Korea, Tiawan, China, Russia? Why not go there and enjoy a non-union free market of domestic-only made products?

But being down on everything and everyone disrupts the very social fabric of the country because those easily swayed respect and appreciate nothing of today let alone of the sacrifices past generations made to get us where we are today.
WWII, Korean, Vietnam & Gulf War vets;
scientists & engineers that pioneered inventions with sweat & persistence;
farmers who toil year after year to keep food low cost and only to see their farms disappear from more politics than failure to grow crops;
laborores who built Hoover Dam, the rail ways, the road ways, the cites and bridges we travel on for the absolute most far reaching, economical, diverse, and safe on the earth.

Finally the very factory workers Dorkipups slams, many becoming less union as late but most who fought for better working conditions and a share of the dominant profits corporations were stealing off their sweat, far more than Bill Gates ever saw for their day. Their victory & concessions from management provided the worlds largest consumer market spawning service and goods industries, countless jobs and universities that improved the standard of living for all of us.

Go ahead and dis American made products and workers. Many of us know exactly what you are saying when you do.

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