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I had never even considered the concept of FIRE before I came to the Fool. If you had told me of such a concept two years ago I would have thought you were trying to pawn snake oil off on me. Now that I've come to realize it's something that can be done, I'm working towards it. Ever so slowly it would seem, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The steps I'm taking towards FIRE:
1)Living Below My Means - Probably the most important thing I can do at this point because it relates to #2
2)Paying off debt - I've got a considerable amount of debt that desperately needs to be paid off before I can even start putting money aside (outside of the e-fund of course)
3)Getting educated - I'm learning more from people here and seeking out information in books and articles from the library
4)Getting motivated - Between this board and REHP board I've seen stories that make me want to retire early and to live a life like most other people don't

At this point, I'm down but I'm not out. With dedication and some persistance on my part I have no doubt that FIRE is in my future.

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