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check out dense-pac microsystems. they seem to be on the move following news this month on new contracts to oem's. last quarter they returned to profitability. earnings due out soon. have been watching for a few months and got in last week at 3 3/8. closed today at 3 15/16 with an intraday high of 4 3/8. news out on deal with DEC. merry foolish holidays notfoolinu
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Whatcha think of DPAC's earnings report out yesterday. I was disappointed to see a an EPS of -.03, but overall I am not to sure it this is a good or bad report. But not for a huge R&D increase, they would have reported even, and R&D hopefully pays off down the road.

One thing I woild like to know concerns all its recently announce deals. Are expenses related to them showing up now, but will earnings from the same show up later. I wonder if there is a an industry SOP.
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