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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I also cross-posted this at the "Foolish House of Pigskin" Just finished my draft in a 10 team, 15 round, non-keeper league, would welcome any comments. I picked 4th overall:

FBOMBS 2003 team

1. Clinton Portis RB - took him over Holmes.
2. Randy Moss WR - wanted a top 3 WR.
3. William Green RB - if 2nd half of last season is the indicator, I'm solid.
4. Trung Canidate RB - maybe could have waited for Canidate, but the lack of solid, starting RBs this year freaked me out.
5. Buccaneers D - a mistake, and boy did I hear about it! "Biggest f'up of the draft!!!" I had some mocks taking them in the 5th round, but should have waited at least another round or two. Very happy to have them though!
6. Chad Johnson WR - huge upside potential, and I believe in Kitna (not enough to draft him however!)
7. Rod Gardner WR - could have picked Stallworth, Chambers, or D. Jackson. Iffy pick.
8. Randy McMichael TE - went 6th among TEs. Pollard & Franks went before, was happy with this at round 8.
9. Jeff Garcia QB - His back is fine, right? If so, bargain city!
10. Trent Green QB - Had buyer's remorse about Garcia instantaneously. Another bargain in the late rounds.
11. T.J. Duckett RB - only a matter of time...
12. Steve Smith WR - must have been getting tired at this point.
13. S. Janikowski K - very happy to get him here.
14. St. Louis Rams D - might benefit from soft schedule.
15. L. Toefield RB - very last second choice, could turn out nicely if Fred "Mr. Durable" Taylor goes lame.

We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D.

Pluses: no bye-week troubles, healthy reserve corp.
Minuses: weak WR depth?

Later, fiddy (Capn FBOMB)
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Even thought this is VERY late, I have the benefit of hindsight since we're now 3 games into the season. Overall not a bad draft. The obvious would shoulda MIGHT be not taking Holmes at #4 and drafting Portis. I support your choice based on what we knew to be Holmes injuries at the time. NOW, I'd probably opt for Holmes, but it's still a toss up IMO since he's still not 100% healthy (although he still got 2 TDs at less than 100%).

Yeah, TB DEF was boneheaded in Round 5. But you may have made up for it by getting Garcia as late as you did in the 9th. His injuries aside that's a pretty late pick on him and great buy IMO. Following up with Green wasn't a bad play- I would have opted for some more RB/WR then, but it worked out OK for you.

Your starting WR corps looks pretty good. But yes, you need some depth there, and it's more than Steve Smith will likely deliver.

At this point, if you are reading this in week 3 I'd consider dumping Toefield and the STL DEF and grab a couple hot WR. Reggie Wayne (IND), Anguan Boldin (ARIZ), or even the seemingly reborn Peter Warrick (CINN) come to mind.

I've been away a while but I'll post more if others follow suit. Reply if you want to talk more on the draft.

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Your best picks - Portis and Moss
Worst picks - Canidate and Garcia
Lucky pick- Trent Green at 10
Meaningless pick- Toefield ( you will probably drop him and pick up hottest rookie runner each week)
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