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Hello all, sorry I have been posting late, but trying to catch up.

It turns out that though my local office initially approved me immediately for SSI, it turns out that the main office (it's a Maryland return address) is approving me for SSD. I got an "awards letter" thing explaining stuff and they sent me a check last week (first week of May) which was much more - happily! - than my SSI check from April.

Heck, at first, I was REALLY grateful, because though my regular SSI amount is $761 (though the check I got in early April was retroactive to my application in January which meant I caught up with all my late rent, yippee!), it covered my rent if little else. Separately, I was getting all these confusing (and annoying) letters from the NYC welfare offices (HRA) saying I would be terminated on such-and-such program(s) etc., but would have to fill out more paperwork, etc.

With a monthly amount of $761, here in NYC I was STILL eligible for food stamps and Medicaid. Especially the Medicaid for obvious reasons (meds including one brand name that is ballpark $800 a month; doctors visits etc.)

Now, the SSD - which I think is related to my many years of working full-time - is now going to be triple the amount, over $2,000/month. Yes, if you get my drift, this means that I immediately lose Medicaid. Very scary and has me feeling like I'm lost, again.

I am currently talking to a volunteer caseworker here in NYC (he's with a non-profit agency with more than 20 years of social work experience), I still end up having a lot of questions. The great thing about him is that he broke it down to me a lot of different things and that I will continue to get all types of letters from the local NYC agencies as well as SSA etc.

Anyway, I'm just confused on so much, but I'm wondering if any of you have any specific things that I must pay attention to, know to ask, or whatever.

Thank you,
Lois Carmen
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Update: I called my local office and finally got through. Several of my questions got answered.

For the time being, I am still getting food stamps and covered under Medicaid (yippee twice over!). The most important other detail is that once the SSD is official and finishes its detail work, I will lose both of them. Along the way, of course, I will be receiving more paperwork. I will eventually be eligible for Medicare in January 2011. Before then, I will be receiving letters and stuff about the Medicare process, things I need to choose (Parts A, B, C, and D) and other things.
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Social Security can not be garnished or levied unless it is for back taxes, child support, or a student loan. If you have other income, open a separate bank account just to receive your SSDI payment. That makes it easy to NOT mix money from multiple sources. If your ONLY income is from SSDI, then you only need one bank account.

You will be getting some payments for backpay from Social Security for what they undepaid you. It will take up to a year, but you will get it all. Be prepared and know how you will spend that money--or save it for later. There are asset limits for Medicaid, so if you have too much money, you won't get Medicaid until you have spent down to those limits.

Medicare Part A is already paid because you qualified for SSDI.

Medicare Part B will be a monthly payment deducted from your SSDI check every month--$100 or so. State MAY cover premium if you are eligible (because it saves THEM money).

Medicare Part C = Medicare Advantage plans--you don't have it (it is Part B + extra stuff for which you pay more).

Medicare Part D--you get it and pay for it. State MAY cover premium if you are eligible (because it saves THEM money). Try to get your doctors to write 90-day prescriptions = save serious $$$.
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