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I bought $1,000 shares in AENY at $5/share. Anyone who is a seasoned investor (which I am not) probably knows this very sad tale! Basically, I would have fared far better, in terms of personal satisfaction anyway, if I had given the $5,000 to the people living on the streets of Seattle! Today that stock is worth nothing. AENY was some kind of a shell company that didn't really own the coal mines behind it. The people behind AENY have succeeded in duping investors, taking their money without the SEC or any other "watchdog" agency doing anything to stop them or to help investors get their money back. One of the people behind AENY has a history of this type of thing, yet nothing is done to stop him, no one has gone after him and the others behind AENY. I don't understand why the regulatory agencies don't take action. In the end, I am out $5,000. Any suggestions?
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I asked for the certificate on my big dumb investment. It is kind of pretty. I framed it and hung it on my office wall. It is a great reminder to me that I too can be a fool.
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